Potential for developing tourist real estate along Cai river

The planning of residential area adjustment along Cai river creates a driving force contributing to promoting tourism real estate development, promoting urban potentials and infrastructure.

Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee has just issued a decision approving the project to partially adjust the zoning plan of the scale of 1/2000 residential areas along the banks of the Cai River in Nha Trang. This is said to be a plan that can promote the development of residential areas along Cai river to bring into full play the potential of urban areas, infrastructure and tourism.

Residential area combined with tourism services

The newly approved project has been adjusted to expand Ngoc Hiep Primary School, adjust the boundary of land acquisition for infrastructure investment project of Ngoc Hiep Resettlement Area; updated some current housing locations, supplemented with adjusted some contents of the Cho Vo resettlement area project, updated and adjusted content related to the Ngoc Hiep sports service center project.

The residential area along the Cai River promises to “change skin” with a series of investment projects. Image: Lighthouse.

The area will build roads, embankments combining flower gardens, squares along Cai river, linked with streets facing the river. This area will also build the main East-West route, one block away from Cai River, connecting with the railway overpass, connecting with the Tay Nha Trang area and connecting with the Cai River (section of Kim Bong River). ).

Previously, the Provincial People’s Committee also approved the adjusted detailed planning project of 1/500 of the Con Tan Lap residential project (Xuong Huan ward, Nha Trang). In this area, the most beautiful area HH1, HH2, HH3 is expected to form The Aston Luxury Residence project with an area of ​​more than 1.1 hectares, the type of long-term legal-owned high-end commercial apartment. Netland Real Estate Joint Stock Company and Danh Khoi Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company cooperate for investment and development. Expected to be launched in late October, the project promises to contribute to changing the appearance of the whole region.

These two projects will soon change the appearance of the residential area along the Cai River to become more and more spacious and airy with many public works for tourism and daily life of the people.

Connect neighboring areas

The area’s traffic infrastructure continues to be invested and improved. Currently, to connect the residential area south of Cai river, Xom Bong bridge located on the main road axis, connecting National Highway 1C with Nha Trang city is also under construction plan. The Ministry of Transport has approved the investment plan for Xom Bong bridge with a length of nearly 330 m, bridge surface width of 19 m, with 4 motorized lanes. The new bridge is 6 meters downstream from the old bridge. Estimated funding for construction of bridges and site clearance is about 250 billion VND.


Xom Bong Bridge will be invested 250 billion VND to build traffic infrastructure connection through Cai River. Image: Lighthouse.

The representative of the Department of Transport said that the new construction of Xom Bong bridge was aimed at ensuring traffic safety and improving exploitation capacity. Recently, the Ministry of Transport has proposed to initiate investment steps to build Xom Bong bridge, scheduled for construction in the second quarter of 2021.

In addition, the Cai River continues to be added a saline prevention dam combined as an overpass on the Ring 2 route, one of the main traffic axes connecting the north-south of Nha Trang city. The work connects the existing residential area of ​​Ngoc Hiep ward through Ngo Den street. Traffic bridge above the dam consists of 10 spans, each span is 33 m long, 26 m wide, designed in two directions, with a total length of 400 m (including the path of two bridge ends). The project was granted 759.5 billion VND, including the support capital from the central and the provincial reciprocal capital, is being carried out the preparation to start.

With a large investment in planning, public facilities and a complete transportation system, the residential area along the Cai River promises to become a new tourist development center of the city, reducing the load for the central area.

Vu Khanh


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