Porsche Panamera more than 10 billion “super cool” with the GrandGT package

TechArt, a renowned tuning company specializing in Porsche models, has just introduced the GrandGT version for New generation Porsche Panamera. This package improves engine power and upgraded exterior and interior equipment.Engine-wise, the Grand GT base trim adds 180 hp and 150 Nm to the Panamera GTS, while the Panamera Turbo S has an additional 88 hp and 130 Nm. The total capacity of these two models is 660 hp, 770 Nm and 709 hp, 950 Nm respectively.With upgraded power, Porsche Panamera GTS GrandGT capable of accelerating 0-100 km / h in 3.4 seconds, the Panamera Turbo S is 3 seconds. Maximum speed 305 km / h for GTS and 315 km / h for Turbo S.TechArt has added to the Panamera a larger front air intake that optimizes aerodynamics, and at the same time helps the brakes be cooled faster.The GrandGT package also increases the width of the car by 50 mm at the front and 80 mm at the back with the wheel arch cladding. There are 2 options of 21 inch or 22 inch wheels.Inside the cockpit, TechArt gives the Panamera Alcantara a variety of color options as well as carbon fiber. Depending on the main color tone of the cockpit, the contours will use contrasting colorsThe 4 seats are embroidered with TechArt lettering on the headrests.In Vietnam, Porsche currently distributes 3 versions of the Panamera, including Standard, GTS and Turbo S. Price Porsche Panamera 2021 Standard version 5.31-5.66 billion VND, GTS 10.09 billion and 10.29 billion, Turbo S is 11.81 billion.Video: TechArt introduces the GrandGT version for the Porsche Panamera.


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