Porsche 911 964 is old, still has the nostalgia of Vietnamese players

As far as I know, this is the car model Porsche 911 belongs to the 964 generation in Hanoi. It was produced between 1989 and 1993 and is equipped with a Backdate (Nostalgic) package made by a workshop in the US.Porsche 911 964 degree Backdate is the process of taking a newer car (or usually an old, used Porsche) and doing a classic restoration, giving it the look of a past model or a version limited edition.Currently, the number of 964 generation 911 models in our country is only 3, including a red Carrera 4, one is being restored and the other is backdate in the post. With the custom package, the car in the article has a Touring Edition configuration with many new details such as front / rear bumpers, trunk air intakes, exhaust system along with 4 wider wheels. compared to the original.The front of the car is different with the front bumper designed more neatly than the original, the turn signals appear below the headlights instead of in the front bumper. The engine cover has an air intake cavity to increase the aesthetics of the car.The body of the car does not have too much difference apart from the rearview mirror which is covered with chrome-plated stainless steel. The wheels are Porsche’s signature Fuchs Clover Leaf, painted in 2 colors silver and black with a size of 17 inches, hidden deep inside are red Porsche brake shackles.The rear of the car is different with a large air intake made of carbon fiber, with a protruding design at the bottom. The rear bumper has also been changed with a special gear in the middle, a dual exhaust system located in the rear center of the car brings a stronger look. Logos “911” and “Porsche” are painted in yellow to create accents.Not only that, the interior of the car is also completely covered with brown leather. Perforated seats, a simple 3-spoke steering wheel with the same name as the 911 backdate version is located on the side of the passenger seat.

Porsche 964 has another name that is more popular with many people than Porsche 911. The number “964” is the internal designation used by Porsche to distinguish between models. However, there are also many car fans who also call it by this name instead of the usual 911 number.

The original engine block of the car has been upgraded to a 3.8L 6-cylinder, producing a maximum capacity of 300 horsepower (up 63 horsepower), combined with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The level is currently unknown Porsche 911 964 priceas well as whether the car’s top speed and acceleration from 0-100 km/h have been improved.
Video: See the Porsche 964 RST with retro style Backdate.


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