Players spent 57.4 billion dong “stakes” GMC Hummer EV to run electricity

Piece The first GMC Hummer EV sold on Saturday night at Barrett-Jackson 2021 auction in Arizona. According to a GM spokesman, a woman (unnamed) has approved the price of 2.5 million USD for the GMC Hummer EV with VIN 001.Form pickup truck GMC Hummer EV was launched by the American automaker in October last year and immediately sold out after only 10 minutes of selling. Accordingly, the Edition 1 version has a starting price of $ 112,595 (about 2.58 billion). GMC is expected to launch an additional 3X version in the fall of 2022 with a more modest price starting from $ 99,995.Beyond the level The price of GMC Hummer EV is terribleA 2-door Ford Bronco VIN 001 2021 was also sold for $ 1,075 million (more than 24 billion dong). On Friday, the first Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition pickup was also auctioned for $ 410,000 (more than 9.4 billion), at the same time as the Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback VIN 001 2021 for $ 500,000. (11.48 billion VND). All proceeds from the sale are donated to charity and environmental organizations.At the time of launch, GMC Hummer EV surprised the public with its impressive parameters in the super-pickup segment. Along with the 1,000-hp electric powertrain, the pickup model has an estimated maximum torque of 15,592 Nm. The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 has an all-electric range of 562 km. Hummer Electric Vehicle Performance Engineer Todd Hubbard aims to set the standards for battery-powered pickup trucks with a range of smart features.The elimination of the internal combustion engine allowed engineers to drastically change the vehicle’s performance with cornering ability and the powerful all-wheel drive. However, the pickup still comes with off-road features including 18 cameras underneath, 35-inch tires, underbody armor plate and adaptive air suspension.GMC will continue to attack the pickup segment to please customers in the US. The American automaker is expected to reveal an SUV variant of this super truck on April 3, 2021.Video: Detail GMC Hummer EV, electric super pickup.


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