Pininfarina Teorema – fully self-driving electric vehicle, seat 1+2+2

Design company from Italy – brand Pininfarina internationally renowned for some of the most beautiful cars in history, including classic cars like the Ferrari 250 GT SWB and Peugeot 504 as well as modern cars like the Alfa Romeo Brera and the company’s own Battista hypercar. me.Looking to the future and equipped with the latest technologies, this talented design team envisioned a model Pininfarina Teorema concept car very crazy through exclusive development using augmented reality and virtual reality.That concept is called Teorema, a radically styled electric car that measures up to 5,400 mm in length, making it almost as long as the latest Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. However, it is only 1,400 mm tall and has been shaped to maximize aerodynamic efficiency in Pininfarina’s own aerodynamics test room. On the side of the car there are large ventilation holes to direct the air from the front to the back, improving airflow and increasing range.As if the exterior weren’t impressive enough, the cabin has an unusual seating layout with a 1+2+2 sequence. You can think of supercars McLaren F1 or Speedtail but with 3rd row seats and no steering wheel. In other words, Teorema is envisioned as a fully self-driving electric vehicle concept, allowing engineers to push the front seat forward. Pininfarina says the car has Drive and Rest modes, transforming the interior into a “social space that allows people to get around”.In-depth specifications of the concept car Pininfarina Teorema self-driving electric This is not yet available, but we do know that the Teorema is based on a chassis developed by automotive supplier Benteler specifically for electric vehicles.The elegant chairs are a joint effort with furniture maker Poltrona Frau and have been made to fold up and become a couch. Continental is also involved in the research and development process and provides pop-up buttons, each with a different shape to make them more recognizable.Of course, Pininfarina has no plans to put the Teorema into production because it is merely a concept car. The Italian company says that the unusual concept will be shown to a select number of people in the coming weeks.Video: Concept car – Pininfarina Teorema self-driving electric.


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