Petrol prices fall, transportation service prices rise: What does the Ministry of Transport say?

At the Government’s regular press conference in July, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Xuan Sang said that one of the factors constituting the cost of transport is the price of fuel. The increase in fuel prices is understandable, causing freight rates to increase to offset costs.

Recently, when fuel prices increased, freight rates in some areas of the transport industry increased. For example, in terms of road, according to statistics, 80-90% of passenger transport enterprises on fixed routes have declared an increase of 10-15%, freight transport increased from 7-10% to offset fuel costs. As for public passenger transport in urban areas, due to subsidies, prices do not increase.

Regarding railways, although the proportion of fuel costs in the structure of transportation costs accounts for 21-29%, recently, because rail passenger transport is in a competitive program, prices have not increased. Only the price of freight by rail increased by 3-5%. Inland waterways increased by about 10%.

As for the marine sector, due to the high price in the past, the price is now down by 20-25% compared to the peak time. In the past time, although the price of petrol has increased, the shipping industry has a large proportion of gasoline prices, but shipping lines have not announced price increases. Thus, only some types of transport, including road and waterway, increase.

Air ticket prices have also been high compared to the same period last time.

It must be said that when the price of gasoline increases, the transport price increases, but usually when the price of gasoline decreases, there will be a certain delay for the freight rate to decrease. At the beginning, the price of gasoline fell but did not decrease much, so the carriers did not declare the reduction. In the past time, in the face of such a situation, the Ministry of Transport has directed a series of units to urgently implement tasks such as reviewing and declaring price reductions.

On July 31, the Prime Minister issued Official Letter 679 on strengthening price management measures. Immediately after that, the Ministry of Transport continued to issue a document directing agencies to urgently review, implement the tasks assigned by the Ministry before, and especially implement the tasks directed by the Prime Minister in the Official Letter. .

The Ministry also requested the General Departments and Departments to closely coordinate with the local Department of Transport to work with the units. The Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, the Departments also strengthen the inspection and guidance of the Departments of Transport to implement the regulations on declaration and listing and Official Letter 679 of the Prime Minister. “We expect that in the coming time, when gasoline prices decrease stably, transportation prices will also decrease according to gasoline prices,” the Deputy Minister emphasized.

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