People in the isolation area are excited to plant apple trees to fight the COVID-19 epidemic

The Party’s leadership in building the rule of law

TPO – In addition to thoroughly grasping Ho Chi Minh’s thought on building a state of law, the President also noted the project “Strategy for building and perfecting the socialist rule of law state in Vietnam to 2030”. orientation to 2045″ must clearly show the leadership of the Party in building and perfecting the rule of law.

The robot automatically picks up the food truck.

Watch a robot deliver rice and give medicine to Covid-19 patients in Bac Giang epidemic center Bắc

The work of giving rice and medicine to patients treated for Covid-19 at Bac Giang General Hospital has been replaced by a robot.

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue at an online conference

Without a vaccine, many countries will miss out on the world economy

TPO – Vietnam proposes to put sharing and equitable access to vaccines on the agenda of the AIPA General Assembly 2021 scheduled to take place in August 2021.

Ministers of Mekong countries - Lan Thuong attended the conference.  (Photo: Mofa)

Five Mekong countries and China discuss ways to manage common water resources, cooperate against COVID-19

TPO – The 6th Mekong – Lancang Cooperation (MLC) Foreign Ministers Meeting (HN BTNG) took place on June 8, in Chongqing, China, with the participation of foreign ministers of other countries. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

More than 200,000 business cars are required to install a front-facing camera on July 1.  English: A.Truong

Requires transport business cars to install 1/7 front camera

TP – July 1 is the deadline to implement the request to install cameras on transport business cars according to the Government’s Decree, many opinions say that, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the vehicle will not work. Is it necessary to install a camera at this time?

Heavy rain and tornado damaged 10 houses in Cu Kbang commune

Storms wreak havoc in poor districts, houses collapse and roofs fall off in Dak Lak

TPO – The heavy rain lasted for nearly 2 hours, followed by a violent tornado, causing many houses and schools in Ea Sup district (Dak Lak) to be severely damaged. According to experts, this is one of the areas that suffers from natural disasters whenever extreme weather occurs.

Disinfection hospital to prevent COVID-19.

Identifying the source of infection, mother and daughter went to the doctor to find out that they had COVID-19

TPO – After discovering that a mother and daughter in Hoc Mon district had COVID-19 while visiting the hospital, the Ho Chi Minh City Health Department urgently investigated and identified the source of infection of these two patients.

Announcement of the decision to establish the Kien Giang Provincial Standing Militia Squadron

Announcement of the decision to establish the Kien Giang Provincial Standing Militia Squadron

TPO – On the morning of June 9, the Military Command of Kien Giang province held a ceremony to announce the decision of the Military Region 9 Command on the establishment of the Kien Giang Provincial Standing Militia Squadron.

In front of the company gate Pouyuen restricted access ra

Pouyuen Company temporarily blocked the area with suspected COVID-19 cases

TPO – Detecting a suspected case of COVID-19, Pouyuen company has blocked part of the working area, more than 1,100 workers have temporarily stopped working.


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