People in the Central region monitor the rain and flood events through Zalo

Through the official Zalo channel, the central provinces promptly sent important information to the people about the complicated developments of floods.

Over the past two days, due to the rapid flooding situation, local authorities in the central provinces have actively sent urgent notices, proactively coping with floods and floods to Zalo for each citizen.

Specifically, some provinces of Da Nang, Quang Nam, and Hue have approved official Zalo sites such as: Zalo page “Switchboard 1022 Da Nang”, Zalo page “Quang Nam electronic government”, Zalo page “HueIOC Center” ”For quick updates on the weather, landslides and heavily affected areas, the response to heavy rain and flood in the provinces.

At the same time, through Zalo, provincial authorities also equip people with knowledge to actively respond to floods. Typical examples are building houses, storing high assets, storing food, backup energy, fully charging phones, wearing life jackets when moving in flooded areas and ready to evacuate to the closest highlands in the area.

In addition, to ensure the safety of students and the prevention of heavy rain, flash floods, landslides, the provincial Department of Education and Training urgently announced through many channels as Zalo page “1022 Da Nang” requested Heads of units and schools let all students, students and students in Da Nang leave school from noon on October 8.

People just need to perform simple operations, find or scan the QR code to access the official Zalo page of the province, click “Interested”. Information on flood, weather at sea and local as well as other official information will be sent to residents every day.

How to access the Zalo “HueIOC Center” page.

According to the National Center for Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting, the weak tropical depression from typhoon No. 6 continued to move on the mainland of Quang Nam – Quang Ngai and formed a low pressure area. Shortly thereafter, another tropical depression appeared in the East Sea. This form has the potential to strengthen into a storm. If this scenario happens, it is the 7th storm this year to form in the East Sea. Therefore, people need to be vigilant and constantly monitor weather information, report storms and floods through channels like Zalo to actively respond.


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