People called to each other to rescue Hai Duong agricultural products

HanoiWhile waiting for the local traffic to transport goods from Hai Duong, many young people organized the rescue of dozens of tons of agricultural products together.

Reading the information on facebook, early Sunday morning, Ms. Dung and her husband went to the rescue selling point of agricultural products for the people of Hai Duong at 38 Giai Phong (Hanoi). While her husband tied a tomato basket in the back of the car, Ms. Dung texted her friends to share each house a little.

She also came out last afternoon, but they sold them all. Seeing her husband struggling to tie the tomato basket behind the car, she admitted that her family could not consume all of this 20 kg. “We only support people who are having difficulties. Let’s rescue them, buy them and share them with each family a little”, she said.

People buy for agricultural products in Hai Duong at 7:00 am, February 21 at 38 Giai Phong (Hanoi). Image: Duc Minh.

The red sign of rescuing agricultural products and the crates of tomatoes lying on the sidewalk attracted many buyers. Buyers of less than 5 kg per bag, more than 20 kg per basket. Currently, tomatoes at this point of sale are listed 20,000 VND per bag of 5 kg, buying a basket is 80,000 VND.

“Today we will sell about 15 tons of vegetables. Around 9-10 am, there will be a car carrying kohlrabi and broccoli. There will be more trips later in the evening”, Ms. Thuy, who stands out to sell agricultural products to her relatives. Hai Duong said. Because of the difficulty of transporting goods, she said, which car is good for a car. Cabbage is credited 7,000 VND per piece; The price of kohlrabi costs 10,000 VND for 4 bulbs; broccoli 5,000 VND / item; carrots 30,000 VND per bag of 5 kg.

According to Ms. Thuy, in the face of excess agricultural products in Hai Duong, individuals and volunteer groups in different areas have linked together online. In the locality, these people connect with Chi Linh Cooperative, help people prepare agricultural products and send them to Hanoi. Agricultural products and means of transport were sprayed and disinfected twice in Hai Duong, including in cooperatives and quarantine posts.

When the car arrives at Que Vo quarantine, Bac Ninh, the group in Hanoi will cut off another vehicle from the capital to connect and transport goods. Goods and vehicles continue to be disinfected again. After nearly 36 hours for a distance of more than 80 km, agricultural products will arrive in Hanoi.

“When the information was posted online, the campaign received great support”, Ms. Thuy said. Yesterday, 15 tons of goods including tomatoes, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots … were sold out within 6 o’clock in the morning. In the afternoon, even though the crates are empty, motorbikes pull up every 3-5 minutes to ask to buy agricultural products. In the end, the sellers were forced to write an out of stock bulletin board, inviting people to come buy the next day.

At 2:00 pm on February 20, the seller cleared the empty boxes after selling about 15 tons of farm produce.  Photo: Duc Minh.

At 2:00 pm on February 20, the seller cleared up the empty boxes after selling about 15 tons of farm produce. Image: Duc Minh.

The amount of sales earned more than 23 million after deducting packaging costs. Gasoline and car are supported by volunteer groups. Ms. Thuy said that all the money will be handed over to the farmers in Hai Duong.

However, Ms. Thuy also said that selling agricultural products on the sidewalk did not receive support from the authorities. “I risk selling it,” she said. On the afternoon of February 20, a rescue selling point for agricultural products at 39 Tran Dang Ninh (Cau Giay) could not be deployed, although many people waited to buy agricultural products early because of suspicions of crowding.

Selling online with rescuers is also not possible because of the large quantity of goods, human resources cannot meet the requirement of closing orders and sending goods. At the direct selling point, Ms. Thuy said she had to mobilize her family, staff, and neighbors to deal with it.

With help from the authorities, the goods could be delivered faster, she said. “We still have a lot, 4,000 tons can only handle 300 tons to send to the provinces,” she said, emphasizing that the current hot weather can adversely affect the vegetable situation …

According to the Hai Duong Department of Industry and Trade, the Department and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have connections to help agricultural products sold in supermarkets such as Central Retail, Go Big C, MM Mega Market …

However, due to the inconsistent understanding among provinces, the transportation of goods is still difficult, the Covid-19 checkpoints and stations at the gateways of neighboring provinces and cities are limited by carts. in and out of Hai Duong. Even a source said that a car for the supermarket was stuck at the quarantine point, the Industry and Trade side called to remove it but it has not been more than a day.

According to Hai Duong’s statistics, the amount of goods left in stock in the area is still very large. For agricultural products, the province has 4,080 hectares of winter-crop vegetables until the harvest period. In which, there were 3,205 ha onions, 621 ha of carrots and 261 ha of cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower, leafy vegetables. Production is estimated at 90,760 tons. Currently, about 90% of carrots and 30% of the province’s cabbage, kohlrabi, kohlrabi, leafy vegetables are exported, the rest is consumed domestically.

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