‘Passive investing doesn’t have to be capital intensive’

Starting with a few million dong accumulated monthly and persistently investing for many years can create a “huge” profit according to financial expert – Dr. Vo Dinh Tri.

“In Paris (France) where I live, there are people who spend a few hundred to 1,000 dollars a month in different investments. And when they are middle-aged or old, they will own several rental properties, money. Depositing in banks, stocks or retirement is normal, “said Dr. Vo Dinh Tri.

He revealed that these people even just work for a normal salary, have the common characteristic that they are not too good at investing, but they choose to start early and choose safe channels. And in developed countries in Europe or America, passive investing in this way is very popular.

According to Mr. Tri, in a study on the stock market, investors who hold stocks long enough for 15 years or more have a win rate of up to 95%. And if over 20 years, the probability of winning is 99%. This means that large capital does not completely determine investment success or failure. A new consistent and long-term strategy helps the money grow smoothly.

Dr. Vo Dinh Tri – eBox speaker specializing in passive income. Photo: NVCC

The above information is part of the content shared by Dr. Vo Dinh Tri in the video “The truth about passive income” premiered on October 28. Thereby, viewers will understand more about passive income, know how to assess risks, and choose the right time to “put down money”.

And in the video “Which passive channel is right for you” premiered on October 29, the speaker will discuss the principles of investing, how to strategize for each specific goal and manage cash flow. Participants will have the opportunity to receive useful knowledge, self-assess to find out which investment channel is right for them.

Dr. Vo Dinh Tri is teaching and researching finance at IPAG Business School in Paris, France, and is a lecturer at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, a member of the Finance Department of AVSE Global. He has more than 20 years of experience in finance and investment. The speaker also owns the podcasts Chang-Ngoc-Gà, which is watched by many Vietnamese audiences.

Working on the financial market, but Tri claimed to have a “special interest” in topics in personal finance such as investing, financial planning, spending… According to the speaker, creating a passive income Movement requires perseverance. He likens this process to growing perennial fruit trees, which takes a relatively long time, but the “sweet fruit” obtained is well worth the effort. Once the results have been received, investors can relax while the cash flow is still proliferating.

Dr. Vo Dinh Tri and 3 other speakers participated in the eBox.  Learn more about the program here

Dr. Vo Dinh Tri and 3 other speakers participated in the eBox. Learn more about the program here

In addition to the two premiere videos of Dr. Vo Dinh Tri, this eConference also has 4 other videos with topics about popular passive income generating channels; financial investment “money makes money”; how to invest in securities; create new products. In addition, the program has two livestreams for participants to interact and ask questions directly with the speakers.

The entire content of the program is shared by leading experts, many years of experience in the field of financial investment and product creation such as Individual Investor Nguyen Thi Lan Huong; Deputy Director of FPT Securities Investment Advisory Division – Tran Quang Vinh; Entrepreneur Le Cao Tri.

Airing at 8 pm on October 28, eConference “How to have passive income” is the fourth topic at eBox. Interested readers can buy tickets to participate in the program from here until October 28 at the price of 299,000 VND. Register to join the eBox here

Hoai Phuong

VnExpress’s eBox platform deploys the “How to have passive income” seminar taking place in 3 days from October 28 to October 30 with real experience sharing from the speakers. The program is selling preferential tickets from 159,000 VND here.


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