Panic because the “mop” in the dump can move, the truth behind makes everyone sad

During an early morning cleaning, this environmental worker saw what looked like the cotton swab of an old mop on the corner of the street. At first, she thought it was really a discarded mop, because it looked downright dusty and dirty.

However, when he approached and was about to pick it up to put it in the trash, the sanitation worker was immediately alarmed when he realized that the “mop”… automatically moved.

At that moment, she was so scared that she rushed to call the police to help. After arriving and observing carefully, these people were surprised to discover that the “mop” is actually a long-haired dog covered in mud.

It seems that because it has been wandering for quite a while, its long coat has become like that. People even see a lot of cement on it, the mud has dried hard.

Photo: Source Sina.

After conducting a specific investigation, the local police discovered that this dog had fallen after suffering many acts of insurance from the previous owner.

Finally, they brought the poor animal to the rescue station so that it could be properly cared for and treated. After being bathed, trimmed, the cute and bright appearance of the dog has also returned.

Photo: Source Sina.

However, its somewhat timid and fearful appearance still makes many people feel sad. No one knows how much suffering the animal had to endure in the past to become so sensitive and reserved.

Hopefully, after being treated and fully recovered, this dog will find another home and be happy with its new loving owner.


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