Overwhelming super structure 70,000 square meters in the middle of the desert: The author is “the queen of curves”

This is a work done by the world’s most talented female architect Zaha Hadid, she is known as the ‘queen of curves’.

King Abdulla Petroleum Research Centerh (KAPSARC), Saudi Arabia is a revolutionary work by female architect Zaha Hadid (British, Iraqi origin).

At first glance you will think this is a scene from a sci-fi movie about the future world, but in fact, this building is completely real and was built in the heart of An Nafud desert of the Arabian peninsula. .

This building is a non-profit oil and gas research institute that aims to develop policies to use energy efficiently, reduce environmental impact as well as create global social welfare with a team of leading experts in address the challenges of the energy industry.

KAPSARC building is 70,000m2 wide with 5 buildings unified together: Energy Knowledge Center; Energy Computer Center; The Convention Center has a capacity of 300 seats; Research Library with 100,000 titles; and Musalla, the place of prayer.

Zaha took the idea from nature itself, specifically the hexagonal honeycomb structure – the structure that has been proven to be the most optimal when it comes to saving materials but still creating the largest internal space volume, which is true. energy and resource saving spirit of the building.

Not only that, this structure is also extremely sustainable against the harsh natural impacts of the desert environment, the energy used in the building is also green energy (PV panels placed on the roof of the Convention Center with capacity 5,000MWh/year).

KAPSARC building seen from above. Photo: Architizer

Drinking water is recycled on site and water for irrigation is taken from non-potable sources, 40% of construction materials are taken within 800 km, of which 30% of materials have recycled components, Waste is also carefully sorted before disposal.

It is for the above reasons that KAPSARC is also rated as a building “smartest” in Saudi Arabia as well American Green Building Council (USGBC) awarded LEED Platinum certification – the highest level of the US green building rating system.


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