Online supermarket distributes genuine goods

Mr. Vuong Dinh Soai, CEO of said that the supermarket only distributes genuine products and refunds up to 500% if detecting fake and poor quality products.

Not only serving the online shopping needs, online supermarket just entered the Vietnamese market hoping to bring users a source of quality genuine goods at competitive prices.

Recently, online shopping has been favored by consumers of different ages for its convenience, especially in the period of limited exposure and concentration in public places. Instead of having to go directly to the place of sale, buyers can freely choose products, place orders and wait for delivery to the place.

The price is clearly accompanied by product reviews from previous buyers, you can compare the cost and product quality between suppliers and make the right buying decision.

Delivery staff help consumers save time and effort to travel, limit out. Image:

Grasping this key point, many e-commerce floors were born and developed in many different directions. Similarly, has become one of the new online shopping places to enter the market. CEO, Mr. Vuong Dinh Soai said that their genuine retail unit works towards the following criteria: “Good quality, competitive price, fast and convenient”.

Online shopping is convenient and fast, but still some users have difficulties. There are many cases of ordering products but getting wrongly about poor quality items, unlike photos and descriptions on the internet, causing money to lose money.

“In order for consumers not to encounter similar cases, only directly imports and provides genuine, official products, brings standard and quality products. We say ‘no’ to everyone. fake products, poor quality “, CEO, Mr. Vuong Dinh Soai said.

Shopping interface on website of  Photo: simple and friendly shopping interface on website helps users easily select the desired product and order. Image:

Currently the online supermarket offers focused categories including: cosmetics, dietary supplements, organic foods, skin care and health equipment … These are all categories that Users should choose to buy genuine to ensure quality and safety for health to use. In addition to only receiving goods from genuine distributors, the representative confirmed commits a 500% refund if the buyer finds out that the fake, poor quality.

In addition to quality, the price and the incentives included are also the leading factors that influence the purchasing decision. Meet the needs of users, offers many promotions every day, with competitive retail prices for users to find and buy genuine products at good prices. is available on Android application platform, iOS and website interface.  Photo: is available on Android application platform, iOS and website interface. Image:

In addition, for a more convenient shopping experience, develops on both application platforms and websites. Users can easily choose products they like, order, check before receiving goods and are guaranteed by other committed and support policies from

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