On the Vietnamese growth ship, no one is left behind

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presents a report to the National Assembly – Photo: VGP.

Ending the Working Report for the 2016-2021 term of the Government, at the opening session of the 11th session of the 14th National Assembly, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed: “Looking back at the past term, especially in 2020 With countless difficulties and unprecedented challenges, the Government has made great efforts to perform its assigned functions, tasks and powers, always keep close to the reality, properly identify the situation, take advantage of chance; implement synchronously and effectively solutions in all fields ”.

The Prime Minister reiterated in his inaugural address five years ago, “In the context of that time with many difficulties such as high public debt, I have suggested that we have to take the lead in saving public funds, effectively handling public assets … Now after 5 years, the state budget deficit, public debt, the fiscal space have been fundamentally improved ”.

“We have upheld the law. The Government, ministries, branches and localities have upheld disciplines, enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of State management, and took the satisfaction of people and businesses. We have together reduced the asking-giving mechanism, discussed publicly with transparency and accountability and proposed many measures to protect the business environment … along with always self-checking on words. speak and act of the Government as well as our system of agencies, “said the Prime Minister.

The leaders of the Party, State and Vietnam Fatherland Front are always interested in directing and supporting the work of the Government and the Prime Minister. At the Government’s meeting on December 28, 2020, the Secretary General and the President emphasized: “2020 is still considered a more successful year than 2019 and the most successful year in the past 5 years. through results and achievements with special significance.

These results and achievements have contributed to making very important, quite comprehensive achievements, with many outstanding marks of the XII term and great achievements of historical significance of 35 years of renovation … for our country has never had the structure, potentiality, position and international reputation today ”.

At the meeting on February 23, 2021, the Chairman of the National Assembly highly appreciated the close and effective cooperation between the Government and the National Assembly and the National Assembly Standing Committee and commented: “This is the Government term. very successful, in the context and conditions with many difficulties, but the Government still firmly steers the country’s economy, achieving very meaningful achievements ”.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed: The comments highly appreciated the direction and administration of the Government in the past term of the leaders of the Party, State, and the Fatherland of Vietnam. Really is the pride and great encouragement for the Government, ministries, branches, localities and businesses, the people of the whole country, raising confidence in the bravery, will, spirit of overcoming difficulties and reaching out to of the whole nation, creating new resources and motivation to continue to bring the country firmly on the path of rapid and sustainable development under the leadership of our Party.

On behalf of the Government, the Prime Minister gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the supervision of the National Assembly, the coordination of judicial agencies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and political organizations- society, the support of the business community, our people at home and abroad. Sincerely thank the Governments, people of other countries, international organizations and friends around the world for their valuable support, cooperation and help for the Government and people of Vietnam.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized: A strong people must be a united nation, with a will and determination to act strongly with the desire to become rich, prosperous and enduring. On a growth ship in Vietnam towards a new horizon, with a new structure of a mighty Vietnam in the mid-21st century, there will be all kinds of people, from peasants to intellectuals, businessmen, people, no one is left behind and everyone can “enjoy” the results of innovation and development according to the spirit of the Resolution of the XIII Party Congress which has stated and nurtured the good democratic nature of our society. .

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