On hand purple iPhone 12: 2 million more expensive, very personality

If you love purple iPhone 11, you will definitely be ‘fascinated’ by the purple iPhone 12 that has just arrived in Vietnam.

Right from the box, there is an image of the purple iPhone 12. Inside also only accessories like Lightning cable, manual and SIM card. Purple iPhone 12 and 12 mini also have no charger and earphones. However, the device is more expensive than other colors, in particular, the iPhone 12 mini is priced at 18 million dong, while the other color is 16.5 million dong; iPhone 12 is 22 million dong, while the other color is 20 million dong.

Purple on iPhone 12 is quite harmonious, not too vibrant, even compared to the purple iPhone 11, the purple iPhone 12 is a bit darker, not too pale. The edges are also made of the same color. This will be a more natural color for women.

The configuration of the device is unchanged from other colors, the purple iPhone 12 is still equipped with a 5.4-inch OLED (iPhone 12 mini) or 6.1-inch (iPhone 12), A14 Bionic processor, 2 rear cameras, MagSafe wireless charger, 2,815mAh battery, support 20W fast charging and support 5G network. Those who choose the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini will have the privilege of having more color choices, a total of 6 colors including purple, white, red, black, blue, green, while the Pro version only has some. meager color.


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