Nissan Note Aura 2022 is coming soon in Vietnam market

Recently, Nissan has officially unveiled a new electric car model called Note Aura in its home market of Japan. Surprisingly, it turned out, New Nissan Note Aura 2022 was registered for industrial design copyright in Vietnam a few months ago.Specifically, according to the Industrial Property Official Gazette of April 2021 of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, there are 2 Nissan car models registered with exclusive designs in our country. 1 of them is the model electric car Nissan Note Aura 2022 Newly released in Japan. The other model is the third generation Nissan Note that was introduced in Japan in November last year.Nissan Note Aura 2022 is actually a design change version of the new generation Note. According to Nissan, Note Aura 2022 will inherit the comfort equipment, powertrain and advanced safety technology of the senior Note e-Power currently on sale in the Japanese market. At the same time, Nissan Note Aura 2022 is also “added with high-class interior and improved systems” compared to Note e-Power.Outside, the Nissan Note Aura 2022 has a design inspired by the Ariya concept car. Therefore, many people mistakenly thought that the model registered for industrial design copyright in Vietnam was Nissan Ariya.On the front of the car, Nissan Note Aura 2022 is equipped with a slender headlight cluster like Ariya. Inside each headlight are 4 LEDs arranged horizontally. In addition, the headlights of the car are connected by a glossy black brace in the middle, located right above the new diamond-shaped mesh grille. Compared to the regular Note, the Nissan Note Aura 2022 has a more seamless front end design.Next is the daytime positioning LED strip, extending from the headlights to the sides of the grille. Connecting between these 2 LED daytime running lights and surrounding the bottom of the grille is a glossy black brace. Besides, there are 2 vertical air vents at the two corners of the front bumper and the fog lights are located inside the central air cavity. Surrounding the fog lights is a chrome rim to create a highlight for the front of the car.Unlike the front end, the body of the Nissan Note Aura 2022 has a design quite similar to the regular Note, except for the new 17-inch gray gunmetal alloy wheels. Meanwhile, the rear of the car is supplemented with LED taillights connected by a slender light strip and a black brace in the middle. On this black brace, there is also a braille stamp “Nissan”, instead of the company’s logo. Not only changing the design, Nissan Note Aura 2022 also has a different size compared to the regular Note. Specifically, the car owns a width of 1,735 mm, an increase of 40 mm compared to the standard Nissan Note. This gives the car a superficial appearance and a low center of gravity.And yet, Nissan Note Aura 2022 also has a digital dashboard with a 12.3-inch screen and an 8-inch touch screen of the infotainment system similar to the regular Note series. The Bose Personal Plus sound system, which adds speakers located in the headrests of the front seats, promises a “premium audio experience”, as optional equipment. When buying Nissan Note Aura 2022, Japanese customers can choose one of two versions, G or G Four.In particular, the G version shares the e-Power powertrain with the Nissan Note, including an electric motor located on the front axle, producing a maximum capacity of 136 horsepower and maximum torque of 300 Nm. Particularly, Nissan Note Aura 2022 G Four version has an additional powerful electric motor of 68 hp and 100 Nm located on the rear axle. Although Nissan Note Aura 2022 runs on an electric motor, it still has a gasoline engine to charge the car’s lithium-ion battery pack. This is a 3-cylinder engine, 1.2L capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 80 horsepower and maximum torque of 103 Nm.Stepping inside the Nissan Note Aura 2022, the driver is greeted by a wood-paneled interior space in many details such as the center console and dashboard. Meanwhile, the door panels and armrests of the front seats are upholstered in a tweed-like material. The standard version of the Nissan Note Aura 2022 will be equipped with Zero Gravity seats upholstered in tweed fabric with synthetic leather.Meanwhile, the more advanced version uses genuine leather seats. In the Japanese market, price of Nissan Note Aura 2022 prices start from 2,610,300 yen (about 543 million VND) for the G version and 2,868,800 yen (597 million VND) for the G Four version. If they come with a leather interior, the respective prices of these two versions are 2,699,400 yen (VND 561 million) and JPY 2,957,900 (VND 615 million).Video: Introducing the new electric Nissan Note Aura 2022.


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