Ngo Thanh Van exhausted after 74 days of filming ‘Thanh Soi’, H’Hen Niê ” woman ” in new movie

Ngo Thanh Van and H’Hen Niê – Photo: FBNV

* The first movie H’Hen Niê participates in releasing the first images

578: The madman’s shot just revealed the first scenes with chases, fights and chases with large displacement trucks, containers. The film is about the journey to find, protect and reclaim justice for the daughter of a container truck driver. On that journey, the father discovers a network of dangerous criminals.

This is also the first movie H’Hen Niê participates in. miss appeared with a thorny, strong image of a female role with a special identity, always secretly accompanying the father character in the film.

The first images of action movie ‘578: Bullets of the madman’ – Source: NSX

Besides, 578: The madman’s shot There is also the participation of Hoang Phuc, Tuan Hac, Ngoc Tinh, Jessica Minh Anh … The film is expected to open in theaters from August 13.

* Ngo Thanh Van is ‘exhausted’ after 74 days of filming ‘Thanh Soi’

Ngo Thanh Van shared Thanh Wolf is the most memorable movie project during her filmmaking when she has to work with high intensity, while in the epidemic situation, the whole crew face many challenges.

Ngo Thanh Van exhausted after 74 days of filming Thanh Soi and HHen Nene in the new movie - Photo 3.

Ngo Thanh Van shared at the party to celebrate the end of filming – Photo: ĐPCC

She wrote in the post “Thanh Soi 66 Diary”:

“I work 14 hours a day, some days up to 19 hours, some days 24 hours. Other people have a day off to sleep. I work as a director and producer as well as a CEO of a company. So I don’t have days off, which means I don’t have time to sleep either.

I have been doing that for the past 4 months. And I really have moments when I think I’m down. My body started experiencing a lot of pain in many different places, because I watched the monitor for many hours a day. I lost weight and had frequent brain pain, “said Ngo Thanh Van.

The cast of the movie ‘Thanh Soi’ – Source: NSX

Thus, after 74 days of filming with more than 200 personnel working hard day and night, the project Thanh Wolf by Ngo Thanh Van has officially closed the machine and entered the post-production stage. The film is set in 1990s Saigon, is said to be a prequel to Hai Phuong.

“With the success of the project going ahead, we put great faith, expectation and enthusiasm for it Thanh Wolf. Surely it will bring to the audience a full-fledged, “feminine” martial arts film of Ngo Thanh Van, she added.

Thanh Wolf is scheduled to hit theaters by the end of 2021.

* Shang-Chi – Marvel’s Asian superhero fighting epic martial arts

Released on April 19, the first teaser Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (The Noble Phantasm and Legend of the Ten Rings) excites Marvel fans.

Movie Trailer ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ by Marvel – Source: NSX

In the main role, boxer Shang-Chi (Thuong Qi), Asian-born actor Liu Tu Mo (Simu Liu) makes viewers excited when he demonstrates his skillful martial arts.

Legendary Asian actor Luong Trieu Vy plays Wenwu – the super villain Mandarin, the leader of the Ten Rings organization and the father of Shang-Chi. The father trained Shang-Chi to become an excellent martial artist to cope with the forces around the world.

When growing up, Shang-Chi escaped from the Ten Rings to live a normal life in San Francisco. His companion is Katy (Awkwafina), a humorous and optimistic hotel worker. Katy doesn’t know about Shang-Chi’s past. When he saw him show super power in an accident, she was surprised but then became a powerful assistant.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings scheduled to launch on September 3.

* ‘The Heroes – 2021 Idol Idol’ gathers Vpop stars

Competition The Heroes – The 2021 idol idol is receiving the public’s attention since the debut of the participating artists until now.

Ngo Thanh Van exhausted after 74 days of filming Thanh Soi and HHen Nene in the new movie - Photo 6.

Artists participating in the program season 1 – Photo: ĐPCC

The latest information that surprised the audience was the participation of singer Ali Hoang Duong when collaborating with producer Duck V. Previously, the program announced the participating artists for this year’s season included Erik, Quan AP, Han Sara, Thanh Duy, Jsol, Kieu Loan, My Anh …

The Heroes – Idol idol is a reality TV show involving 12 pairs of famous singers, musicians or music producers competing against each other. Episode 1 will air on channel VTV3 on May 23.


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