New cases of Covid-19 in Hanoi continue to surpass the 1,900 mark

In which, the number of cases detected in the community: 612; at the isolation area: 1040; at the blockade area: 262.

Some districts recorded many patients during the day such as: Nam Tu Liem (213); Cau Giay (172); Ha Dong (154); Gia Lam (152); Tay Ho (136); Bac Tu Liem (112); Thanh Xuan (103); Long Bien (103); Hoang Mai (99).

Patients are distributed in 318 communes, wards and towns in 27/30 districts, towns. In which, 612 community cases were recorded in 211 communes and wards in 24/30 districts.

Some districts have many patients in the community such as: Cau Giay (66); Nam Tu Liem (63); Gia Lam (60); Thanh Xuan (50); Hoang Mai (45); Tay Ho (43); Hoan Kiem (40); Long Bien (40).

Cumulative number of cases in Hanoi during the 4th epidemic (from April 29, 2021): 48,939 cases of which 16,412 cases were recorded outside the community, 31,527 cases were isolated subjects.

In the face of increasingly complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in Hanoi, with the number of new cases increasing rapidly, the source of the infection is unknown, Chairman of the City People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh has issued a notice to strengthen the implementation solutions to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic during the New Year and the beginning of the new year 2022.

Accordingly, it is required to continue to strictly implement measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic; request strict implementation of 5K regulations, install and deploy QR code scanning of citizen identification with chips, strengthen inspection and strictly handle violating organizations and individuals, especially at public places, railway stations, airports, hospitals, markets, supermarkets… do not allow large gatherings of people in the area; persistently propagating and mobilizing people to go out with necessary work.

People’s Committees and Steering Committees of districts, towns, based on the level of epidemic in the area to apply appropriate administrative measures and direct functional forces to regularly inspect, supervise and sanction the epidemic. cases of violation of regulations on epidemic prevention and control; Maximize the capacity of collecting F0 treatment in communes, wards, and at home when eligible; Reviewing medical equipment at mobile medical stations, such as oxygen, therapeutic drugs, SpO2 measuring equipment, considering necessary, emergency rooms can be arranged.

Maintaining a standing position 24/24/7 mobile epidemic prevention teams, at medical facilities to ensure quick and timely handling of epidemic situations occurring in the area; closely monitor people returning from epidemic-affected countries and regions, strengthen surveillance to detect new strains of Omicron. Always in a state of being ready to react quickly to information for early detection, tracing, investigation, verification, and timely zoning out to prevent the source of the disease from spreading to the community; strengthen measures to prevent and control Covid-19 infection in medical examination and treatment establishments.

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