MV There’s no one at all by Son Tung M-TP officially “flipped” from YouTube

The MV ‘There’s no one at all’ has greatly influenced the image of Son Tung M-TP in the public eye – Photo: M-TP Fanpage

Afternoon 6-5, MV There’s no one at all by Son Tung M-TP has been removed from YouTube. When accessing the old link of the MV will display the message “This video is not active”.

Earlier in the evening April 29, the singer born in 1994 posted an apology but only stopped releasing the MV in Vietnam after being criticized. To this day, There’s no one at all officially “flying color” from this largest video platform.

According to the Department of Performing Arts, the newly released Son Tung M-TP music product has a bad influence on young people, especially the suicide scene.

With an influential singer like Son Tung M-TP, it’s even more dangerous because there are many followers, especially young people in the age of psycho-physiology who are not yet fully developed, and are easily influenced.

According to the sanctioning decision of the Inspector of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the afternoon of May 5, in addition to a fine of 70 million VND, Son Tung’s company must also take remedial measures such as: destruction of cultural products; return illegal profits obtained from committing violations; remove sound recordings, video recordings, cultural products with harmful content in electronic form on the network and digital environment.

Current record of There’s no one at all still available on Spotify and Apple Music. Not only the MV has a negative color, the song also has many lyrics expressing boredom, fatigue, and deadlock in life.


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