Money into securities skyrocketed

Investors focused on finding opportunities in small and medium-cap stocks, helping the liquidity on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange to VND38,130 billion, the third highest in history.

The stock market struggled today again when the index continuously reversed, sometimes losing more than 16 points in the morning session but in the afternoon gained nearly 7 points. However, the green color did not last long as the cash flow moved away from the VN30 group to find new opportunities in small and medium-cap codes. VN-Index plunged in the last minutes, lost nearly 3 points compared to reference and closed at 1,462.35 points.

Today, the market has nearly 230 stocks gaining, of which 34 stocks have increased by all ranges. The losers dominated with 238 red codes but only one floor code. The VN30 basket contributed to 22 losers with a common margin of 1.2-2%.

The liquidity on Ho Chi Minh City floor reached more than 38,130 billion dong, up nearly 8,400 billion dong compared to yesterday. This is the third session with the third highest trading value in the history of the Vietnamese stock market, after more than 43,200 billion dong on November 3 and 38,350 billion dong on August 20.

Cash flow is relatively evenly distributed by industry group. Stocks in the three pillars of real estate, finance and materials all attracted about VND 6,800 billion. The industrial group followed with a transaction value of nearly 5,800 billion dong, far ahead of the essential consumer and energy sectors.

HPG continued to lead in trading value with 2,950 billion dong. The three following stocks are TCB, SSI and KBC with trading value of over 1,000 billion dong. The “big man” of the steel industry also led in terms of trading volume with more than 54 million shares changed hands, while the next positions belonged to small and medium-cap codes such as HAG, FLC, LDG, ITA and HQC. .

Foreign investors had the second session of drastic net selling. The selling value of this group is more than 2,300 billion dong, while the buying value is only 1,120 billion dong.


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