Mom can do this, I live 9 years longer, less worry about stroke

The work has just been published in the scientific journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology The European Heart Association affirms that if mothers keep their heart health well, not only will they benefit but also help their children have an additional 9 years of life!

According to authors from Vanderbilt University in Nashville and University of Massachusetts in Boston (USA), there are studies showing that parents “pass on” their health to their children through genes and the environment, including lifestyle. family. This new study looks more specifically at the cardiovascular aspect.

The mother’s lifestyle strongly influences the child’s risk of stroke and heart attack decades later – Artwork from the Internet

The authors studied on about 6,000 people, which are nearly 2,000 parent-child triplets. Follow-up begins when the child is 32 years old and lasts until 46 years later, with lifestyle factors and cardiovascular events being specifically noted.

Cardiovascular health of fathers and mothers is assessed on 7 lifestyle factors: no smoking, healthy eating, regular physical activity, normal body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol in blood. , blood sugar. If they only have 0-2 factors rated “pass”, the person’s cardiovascular health is assessed as poor. The average cardiovascular health needs 3-4 factors to achieve, ideally 5-7 factors.

Then there is a relationship between the heart health of parents and the length of time their children live without heart disease, as well as the duration of the heart attack – first stroke (if it occurs).

The results showed that the cardiovascular health of the father and father seems unrelated to the child, but the mother’s health strongly affects both girls and boys, with sons being affected more by Men themselves are more likely to have adverse life habits and more susceptible to being affected if their mothers also have such habits. The most powerful effects occur when the child is still in the womb or in infancy.

According to the authors, the work aims to help each person self-assess the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, myocardial infarction. If you inherit the high risk from your mother, you need to reduce your risk by exercising and eating moderately, and by monitoring heart health more carefully.

And that is also a valid reason for women to try to preserve better cardiovascular health, not only for themselves but also for their children.

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