Ministry of Finance: Strengthening the fight against smuggling and counterfeiting during Tet

Specifically, the Ministry of Finance requested units to disseminate and thoroughly grasp the content of the Peak Plan to fight smuggling, trade frauds and fake goods on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger in 2022 of the National Steering Committee 389. , Notice No. 278/TB-VPCP dated October 25, 2021 of the Government Office and documents directing the work against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting.

The General Department of Customs has strengthened the work of collecting information, grasping the situation, patrolling, controlling and identifying key areas and routes in the area of ​​land border gates, border economic zones, and concentration zones. connecting goods near the border, seaport area, international river port, international civil airport, post office, international express delivery, international rail transit and other locations in the area of ​​operation custom; strictly control import and export goods, goods in transit, luggage of passengers entering and leaving.

Strengthening inspection of consumer goods for people during the upcoming 2022 Lunar New Year

Organize the fight, arrest and handle prohibited items, goods adversely affecting security and order, social safety, counterfeit trademarks, fraudulent Vietnamese origin, goods infringing intellectual property rights ; strengthen inspection and close supervision of shipments through border gate, port, temporary import, re-export, transit, especially consumer goods and groceries to serve the increased demand during the Lunar New Year, goods at risk of smuggling and recirculating inland.

The Ministry of Finance requested the General Department of Taxation to step up inspection and examination to prevent tax loss, the use, management and storage of invoices and records of goods purchase and sale of imported origin, and collection of goods by residents. The border of households and individuals doing business in border-gate areas, border areas and sea areas has complicated changes to prevent the use of invoices for legalizing smuggled goods, especially for important provinces and areas. the point. Implement synchronously implementation of measures to prevent, prevent and reverse the illegal printing, issuance and sale of invoices.

At the same time, strengthen tax management for businesses and business households selling consumer goods to proactively grasp price movements, goods supply and demand, and promptly detect and coordinate with other authorities. handling acts of producing and trading in counterfeit goods, poor quality goods and goods infringing upon intellectual property rights, paying special attention to items related to COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control as well as other related items. food, foodstuffs, consumer goods during Tet such as food, livestock, poultry, wine, beer, tobacco, confectionery, fruit, electronic goods, cosmetics, high fashion …

In addition, it is forecasted that problems will arise, causing market instability, especially for essential products for consumption during the Lunar New Year; propose solutions to handle situations that occur to report to the local 389 Steering Committee for specific and timely direction, especially in big cities and provinces such as: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang Nang, Khanh Hoa, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho.

Timely exchange information, closely coordinate with functional forces in investigating, verifying and handling smugglers, commercial frauds and counterfeit goods related to tax administration. Checking the listing and selling at the listed prices at markets, commercial centers, shops… coordinate in checking, detecting and handling cases of transporting goods on the road without invoices, vouchers or invoice rotation cases.

The inspection units, Tax Policy Department, Legal Department, Price Management Department, etc., based on their functions, tasks and powers, timely coordinate with the General Department of Customs and the General Department of Taxation to support the public. combating smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting.

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