Minister Huynh Thanh Dat: ‘Vietnam needs to transform its growth model’

Presenting the speech of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology at the discussion session of the XIII Congress on the morning of January 28, Mr. Huynh Thanh Dat – Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Science and Technology, said according to the section. by 2030, Vietnam will become a developing country with modern industries, high middle income, and strives to become a developed country with high income by 2045.

According to him, with this goal, the continuation of the growth model based on capital and labor as before will no longer be appropriate, because this model has little room, tends to slow down and risk. opportunities to put Vietnam into the middle income trap and lag behind more economically than other countries in the world. Therefore, in the coming period, when the Fourth Industrial Revolution has become one of the development trends of the era, Vietnam needs to convert the current growth model to a model based on science. , technology and innovation.

“Thereby, it is possible to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the economy to develop the country quickly, sustainably, independently, autonomously and soon to reach the level of other developed countries in the region and above. world, “said Minister Huynh Thanh Dat.

Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat. Photo: Giang Huy

He said that in the coming time, science and technology will focus on doing well 6 groups of jobs. The first is to strongly promote innovation activities as a bridge for science and technology to directly serve socio-economic development; focus on improving institutions, policies and related laws, in which focus on building outstanding institutions and taking risks in science, technology and innovation activities …

“Pay special attention to developing social sciences and humanities; closely linking social sciences and humanities synchronously with natural sciences, technical sciences and technologies for rapid and sustainable development. continue to invest in developing and modernizing the infrastructure and scientific and technological potentials and innovation “, Minister Huynh Thanh Dat stated.

Science and technology industry leaders also mentioned promoting development and improving the operational efficiency of the national innovation system, innovative start-up ecosystem, and enterprise-centricity. ; developing new business models, digital economy, digital society …

At the same time, to restructure science and technology programs and tasks in association with social needs, the value chain of products, creating added value; proactively and actively coordinate to bring into play the important role of branches, levels and localities in promoting the application and development of science, technology and innovation to contribute to economic development. – Society at all levels and localities.

According to Minister Huynh Thanh Dat, in the past 5 years, science and technology in Vietnam has made many remarkable progresses and achievements, in which, political science and economics has been providing insightful and timely arguments for the enhancement of the Party’s leadership, the effectiveness and efficiency of the political system; defending the political ideology of the Party, affirming the path to socialism of the country; synchronously renovating economic, political and social institutions …

Social science and humanities developed a new theoretical system on the role of culture, history, people and factors that make up sustainable development, impacting on cognitive and behavioral change processes, and fostering wisdom of Vietnamese people.

Natural Sciences has made great progress in terms of quantity and quality in recent years. Number of ISI international published articles Vietnam’s growth has nearly tripled compared to the beginning of the term, an average annual increase of over 20%.

Science, Technology and Technology has developed to a new level of research capacity and qualifications, contributing more and more effectively to socio-economic development and improving people’s lives. The key technologies of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 are quickly absorbed, promoting their application in the value chains of agricultural production, industry and services …

In national defense and security, Vietnam has designed, manufactured, and improved a variety of weapons, high-tech technical equipment; building surveillance and control systems for information safety and security in cyberspace. 85% of the technical equipment and weapons of the General Department of Defense Industry are domestic research results, meeting operational requirements.

“The achievements in science, technology and innovation in the past 5 years have affirmed the correctness of the lines and policies of our Party and State in the development of science, technology and innovation. results from the joint efforts of the entire political system, “said Minister Huynh Thanh Dat.

XIII Congress opened on January 26, focusing on discussing the Docs in the working day yesterday, January 27 and the morning of January 28; This afternoon the congress will listen to the report and review the work of personnel.

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