Minh Plastic and his wife “show goods” with the McLaren Elva supercar of hundreds of billion

Recently, on the Facebook page, businessman Pham Tran Nhat Minh – or giants Minh plastic super car posted a series of photos with his wife posing in the open topless McLaren Elva, accompanied by a very passionate status line to celebrate his 9th wedding anniversary.The post has now attracted tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments admiring the plastic Ming couple. According to the businessman’s share, because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the wedding anniversary party was not as exciting as every year, but there was the participation of a special character, which is Mr. McLaren Elva without roof.Super car owns a special paint color Gulf Theme with dominant blue and orange tones, combining longitudinal stripes on the body and 2 sides of the rearview mirror. However, the Elva in Vietnam is actually just a model car used in McLaren’s World Tour tour, to promote the product. Vietnam is Elva’s last stop on this journey.Talking about the special of Elva, it is a car without a roof, without a windshield, without a rear glass and without a window. This is the typical design of F1 racing cars, which is minimized to optimize control and acceleration.In the world, there are only 399 McLaren Elva units shipped, with a price of price of McLaren Elva listed at 1.7 million USD (about 38.7 billion VND) in foreign markets.If the Vietnamese giants are interested in this super product, the amount spent can exceed 100 billion VND.Video: Super car of hundreds of billions returned to Vietnam, sitting on the right to wear a helmet.


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