Microsoft is rolling out new Windows Updates for businesses

Microsoft has launched a new service for Windows Updates for businesses.

For years, Microsoft rolled out features on demand through Windows Updates to Windows 10. However, IT administrators and device managers in business environments have complained about a lack of control. To address this issue, Microsoft has introduced a new deployment service for Windows Updates for businesses.

This cloud-based service helps IT admins and device managers in various aspects related to Windows Updates. Most importantly, administrators can use the deployment service to approve, schedule, and monitor the rollout of Windows Updates for Windows 10 devices on the network.

“This new service allows IT professionals to meet the business goals of the organization as well as at the request of the end user, no matter where the device is located on the planet – maybe where it is,” Microsoft said. office, at home or on the road ”.

According to the official announcement, Microsoft has built this deployment service with four core goals. First, the system provides maximum control over the IT administration. Administrators can now choose between Windows Updates, feature updates, quality updates, firmware, and drivers. This method is more efficient than mass approval of updates and making changes afterwards.

The system is easy to adopt and responds to change, Microsoft adds. Administrators can use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to properly control the system. Since this feature works in the cloud, there’s a lot of flexibility. It is easy for users to make new changes whenever available on a cloud deployment system.


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