Mercedes Benz S550 2008 sold 900 million, as expensive as the new Lux A

In the old car market today, with the amount of about 1 billion VND, buyers can easily see large luxury cars for sale such as: Lexus LS, Audi A8 or Old generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221).The price of these models will depend on the model, new level, ODO … which is priced by the care and maintenance of previous owners. However, the car is still very new proving that the owner has taken care of the car very carefully, the car 2008 Mercedes Benz S class S550 Currently being offered for sale at a price of 890 million VND. With this same amount, the buyer was able to buy the standard version of Lux A.According to the dealer, the Mercedes Benz S-Class S550 belongs to the 2008 version, registered for the first time in 2013. This is a private car, Hanoi beach and has just undergone periodical maintenance. Car imported from Germany. The number of km rolling is 89,000km and has full-options with modern features such as: 2 roof doors, seat heating, seat drying, electric curtain, electric trunk, high-quality leather seats Brabus, reverse camera.“The heart” of the S550 is a V8 engine, with a capacity of 5.5L for a capacity of up to 382 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 530Nm from 2,800 rpm.Combined rear-wheel drive (RWD) through a 7-speed drive system. The S550 is still one of the cars that the German automaker has installed with a large engine, currently the V8 engine is only found on some extremely expensive models such as the S63 with a capacity of only 4.0L with dual turbochargers (Biturbo ).More than a decade ago, the 2008 S550 was one of the most luxurious “luxury” large luxury cars on the market when it was equipped with many comfortable “toys” and high-end driving aids, which buyers could not see. on popular cars today in the price range of 900 million such as: high-quality wooden leather interior, 4-wheel lifting function, 10 safety airbags, electric sunshades, Harman Kardon sound system 14 speakers & sub.Besides some other practical equipment such as: Start / Stop explosion, electric trunk, headlight (with lamp wash) & automatic rain wiper, CD 06 disc, gear lever behind steering wheel, reverse camera, sensor around the car and more.In general, the interior of the car is still very new, although it is inevitable that the leather seats have been degraded.With that said, not everyone is confident enough to buy an old German sedan in the top of the segment like the S-Class.Because players know that they have to pay a large sum of money to keep the car costs, including maintenance care and daily transportation. However, if you do not take good care and maintenance, it is like “jumping lime holes”.Even so, the line Mercedes Benz S-Class still retains its high level to this day thanks to the elegant, elegant design that is not outdated. Above all, it offers a high level of safety and excellent driving experience that is difficult for any popular car.Video: Detailed introduction to the new generation Mercedes AMG S63.


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