Mercedes-Benz C-Class L luxury car, “sub Maybach” China debut

As “minor Maybach” in the Chinese market, New Mercedes-Benz C-Class L 2021 Not only has the wheelbase increased but the exterior is also tweaked, with a newly designed grille and a three-wheel star logo on the hood.With sample Mercedes-Benz C-Class LRear customers have quite a lot of legroom, in addition, the luxury sedan is also equipped with higher headrests, larger armrests with more spacious storage space, more USB ports .. .To bring the most comfortable experience to the occupants.That is not to mention that Mercedes-Benz has improved the sound insulation for the cabin, and installed an upgraded suspension system specifically for the Chinese market, helping the C-Class L to always have a smooth ride. relax.Mercedes-Benz does not disclose the exact dimensions of the C-Class L 2021, but Chinese media claim that the C-Class L is 4,882 mm long, 1,820 mm wide, 1,461 mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2,954 mm, slightly more than 89. mm from the standard C-Class and a 34 mm increase from the old C-Class L.Mercedes-Benz C-Class L version will be sold exclusively in China in two variants C200 L and C260 L.In particular, the C200 L is expected to use a 1.5L engine for 168hp and the C260 L will be available with a 201hp 1.5L hybrid or 201hp 2.0L petrol.Regardless of the engine, the C-Class L 2021 comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission as standard, but the 4Matic all-wheel drive system will be a premium version.Video: Details of the new generation Mercedes C-Class 2022.


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