Medical examination through the screen

“Have you seen the medicine on the screen. You see the picture of your brain blood vessels. You see the online examination is good, there is no need to move during the epidemic season, right?”. The other end of the line replied: “Yes, it’s very convenient, I have already bought medicine, doctor”. That is the conversation of an online examination (online) of Dr-BS Tran Chi Cuong, Director of Can Tho Cardiovascular Stroke Hospital, with a patient.

Remote medical examination

Dr. Dr. Tran Chi Cuong said Can Tho Cardiovascular Stroke Hospital has organized online clinics to deal with cases that have been examined and treated. Through this form, doctors directly advise patients, especially patients after stroke or chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.

Dr. Tran Chi Cuong is consulting a female patient online through a screen

“The online clinic well solves the above situations, helping patients connect with doctors without having to go to the hospital. During the epidemic period, it is necessary to limit travel and comply with social distancing to reduce If the disease spreads, online medical examination is an effective way,” said Dr. Cuong.

Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Dermatology has also implemented remote medical examination for patients during the epidemic season. The patient will connect via Zalo to the Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital, then conduct a video call as usual.

BSCKII Nguyen Thi Phan Thuy, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital, said that depending on the patient’s condition, the doctor will advise on self-care or guide the use of non-prescription drugs and topical products at the hospital. place. In case of using prescription drugs, the patient will be directed to the nearest medical facility with dermatology or to the Dermatology Hospital when necessary.

Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital has also sent messages to about 20,000 patients that the hospital is managing. The content of this message informs patients to only go to the hospital if absolutely necessary. During this time, the hospital made an appointment for patients to be re-examined according to the new criterion of time interval, instead of before giving a prescription for oral medication for 1 month, now it is 3 months.

However, doctors also note that if patients have unusual or severe symptoms, they must contact the phone number of each department. The hospital is still ready to treat patients when it is really needed. The hospital still organizes home medical examination and treatment for patients.

Free health consultation

Recently, hundreds of doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have voluntarily connected together to carry out a free health consultation campaign for people during the outbreak of the disease and implement social distancing. Relatives or patients just need to dial the phone number to call the doctor of the specialty they need, and they will immediately be instructed, analyzed and consulted carefully.

According to Dr. Do Trieu Hung, General Secretary of the Lien Chi Association of Private Medical Practitioners in Ho Chi Minh City, more than 130 doctors participating in this campaign are mainly doctors working in Ho Chi Minh City. The content of the consultation will focus on solving common diseases encountered by people during this time, not answering questions about Covid-19 because this issue has an information system of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health. Department of Health in charge.

In the process of sharing and free consultation, if you feel that the patient’s condition is severe, the doctor will give specific instructions to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City for examination and ultrasound. For mild cases, detailed instructions will be given to treat at home.

“This “Free health consultation” campaign applies until August 15, 2021, if it is found to meet the needs of the people and is still necessary, the campaign will continue to be maintained” – Dr. Trieu Hung let me know.

During this time, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital also increased health counseling activities for patients through the hospital’s information channels such as Website, Fanpage, YouTube, Zalo with the message “Be healthy at home” “.

The hospital has actively called to inquire as well as give health advice to patients who have been examined and treated here. Patients with any health consultation needs can contact the hospital through the phone number of the specialist clinic they have visited (on prescription) or the customer care hotline 1900 7178 or hospital epidemic prevention hotline (028) 3952 5031 for questions and answers.

Doctor Do Trieu Hung said the campaign “Free health consultation” aims to meet the needs of people in Ho Chi Minh City. But if people in other provinces call, they will still consult normally, there is absolutely no limit on geographical distance. “People in the provinces should not be shy, whenever they have an illness, need advice, just call our doctors,” said Doctor Do Trieu Hung.

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