Maybach 57S Coupe “boss blanket” 10 years sold for more than 26 billion

Daimler tried to revive the brand super luxury car Maybach in 2002, but this independent luxury brand had to say goodbye to the world again at the end of 2012. During those eight years, Maybach sales were bleak.When Xenatec tuner introduced a two-door version of an old Maybach in 2021, it promised to produce a limited edition of 100 Maybach coupes (convertible from sedan to coupe).However, according to research, there are only less than 10 units Maybach luxury sedan was converted into a coupe and the one in the post is one of them.This old Maybach 57S has a luxurious beige / cream two-tone exterior and was shipped in 2010. Because there was never an owner, but only through the hands of dealers, the car rarely rolled on the road. Dutch agent Autoleitner has claimed that this is the least active Maybach coupe ever.Specifically, the dealer said the car’s speedometer only stopped at 2,300 km. The Maybach 57S also has an impressive range of equipment (possibly available 10 years ago), highlighted by the inhaler, double-glazed doors and electric headrests.In terms of transmission, the Maybach 57S uses a 6.0L V12 twin-turbocharged engine that produces up to 640 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm. This 2,744 kg vehicle is rear-wheel drive.In extremely rare and historic quantities, price of Maybach 57S This agent is currently being sold by agents to 1.16 million USD (equivalent to about 26.7 billion VND). Almost 7 times more expensive than the latest 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S580 Sedan.Video: Watch super luxury car Maybach 57S Coupe.


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