Many iPhone models are on sale in Vietnam

In the midst of a low market period, many iPhone models have their prices adjusted to stimulate shopping demand and discharge inventory.

During the off-peak period, iPhone is still a product line with good purchasing power at genuine dealers. iPhone 11, 12 are adjusted to reduce prices to help the device attract many users.

Specifically, a representative of retailer FPT Shop said that the price of iPhone 11 was reduced to VND 12 million, thanks to which the product achieved good sales by meeting many needs of users in the segment.

At retailer CellphoneS, iPhone 12 has also had a strong price adjustment. Specifically, the 64 GB memory version of this model is reduced by 1 million VND to 16 million VND, choosing 128 GB to 18 million VND, down 1.5 million VND compared to the previous month.

“After the price reduction, iPhone 12 goods arrived a lot, the purchasing power doubled in the previous period. The fact that the iPhone 13 series is in short supply and there are not many options in this price segment helps to boost sales of iPhone 12″, said Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, a communications representative of CellphoneS. Zing.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 series still ensures a stable source of goods, without the shortage of machines as before. This is still a good selling range at many retailers.

Specifically, according to Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of Mobile Telecommunications Sector of FPT Shop, the iPhone 13 series has been around for a long time, but it is still interesting products.

“Even in the months without high expectations for purchasing power, we still recorded good sales for this product line. It is true that there are difficulties in sourcing goods, but the company still works with Apple to ensure a seamless supply,” Kha said. Zing.

Meanwhile, as noted by the reporter, genuine dealers such as Mobile Viet, Minh Tuan Mobile, 24h Store also have moves to reduce prices of iPhone lines that are still in business such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series.

Specifically, Vietnam Mobile system has just adjusted to reduce VND 100,000-300,000 for iPhone products. At this dealer, iPhone 11 is currently priced at VND 11.3 million, iPhone 12 costs VND 15.9 million, iPhone 13 costs VND 21 million, and VND 27-29 million for iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max.

Similarly at Minh Tuan Mobile, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuc, Sales Manager of this retailer said that purchasing power improved after iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 were adjusted in price.

According to a representative of a large domestic retailer, the purchasing power of the market in this period was quite gloomy, because there were not many outstanding products and users tightened their spending due to escalating prices.

“The main goal of the third quarter is to reduce inventory. In general, this period will be the ‘lowest’ of the year, before returning to important products in the fourth quarter,” he added.


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