Lynk & Co 09 – Large SUV with up to 6 interior screens

On the evening of June 19, 2021, auto brand Lynk & Co held an event to launch a completely new model called 09 in China. Lynk & Co 09 belongs to the large SUV segment and is the top model of the Chinese car brand. Developed on the basis of the SPA platform that is basically the same as the Volvo XC90, this SUV has specific dimensions of 5,042 mm in length, 1,977 mm in width, 1,780 mm in height and a wheelbase of 2,984 mm. .Not only massive in size, Lynk & Co 09 2021 new It also has an impressive exterior design. Applying the common design language of the Lynk & Co brand, this Chinese model has a rather large grille on the front of the car with vertical spokes. These spokes are painted black in the low-end version…Connected to this grille is a horizontal headlight cluster with 3 LED bulbs inside. The headlights of this large SUV model are applied with Matrix LED technology with the feature of lighting according to the steering angle. In addition, the car’s headlights also have 4 lighting modes for the driver to choose from.Above the headlights are LED daytime running lights with characteristic 2 LED strip shapes. In addition, on the front of the car of Lynk & Co 09, there are air vents on both sides of the front bumper with small spokes along the style of the grille. In the high-end version, there are 2 horizontal fog lights in the air slit. Meanwhile, the central air cavity of the car is designed in a trapezoidal shape, extending to the sides.On the side, rookie of the Lynk & Co brand is equipped with air vents behind the front fender and black painted columns. The ribbed lines on the side of the car are quite simple and rounded while the shoulder line is not too sharp. To create a seamless design for the side of the car, Lynk & Co has used a door handle that can be turned up and down on this SUV.Behind Lynk & Co 09 appears a large rear door glass, located below the roof spoiler. Below the rear door glass is a horizontal rear light cluster with a design that extends to the sides of the rear fender and into the trunk door. The vertical shape inside the taillights is reminiscent of the grille at the front of the car. Between the 2 taillights is a braille stamp “Lynk & Co”.The bottom also has reflective lights with a slim design and 4 exhaust pipes, bringing a sporty atmosphere to this Chinese SUV. With its large size, Lynk & Co 09 offers a spacious and comfortable interior space for users. Inside the car is a 6-seater interior with a 2+2+2 seat configuration. The second row of seats is separated from each other, creating a path to the last row, and comes with separate armrests for each passenger.In addition, the second row of seats also has air-conditioning vents and heating feature. Particularly, the last row of seats can be folded flat to the floor and controlled by buttons in the luggage compartment. Spacious enough is not enough, the interior of Lynk & Co 09 also exudes a high-tech look thanks to 6 different screens, including a 12.3-inch LCD screen in the digital dashboard…information screen. 12-inch entertainment system, comes with a 6-inch screen and two 1.4-inch screens on the knob right below as well as a color screen displaying 12.8-inch HUD steering glass information.When buying Lynk & Co 09, customers can choose 1 of 3 interior colors: black, white and brown. Other notable interior equipment includes a panoramic sunroof, an in-car aromatherapy system, Ambient Light surround lighting system, Monaco Nappa leather seats…Underneath the bonnet of Lynk & Co 09 are 3 different engine options. The first is a mild hybrid powertrain, including a turbocharged petrol engine, 2.0L capacity, 48 V electrical system and 8-speed automatic transmission. The second is a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Finally, there is a hybrid powertrain with a turbocharged petrol engine, 2.0L capacity.Finally, there are safety equipment such as lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control system. These features help Lynk & Co 09 have a level 2 semi-automatic driving system. In the high-end version, the car will have a system of blind spot detection, collision avoidance when reversing and automatic lane change at high speed. .Show Lynk & Co car price 09 China market has not been announced yet. Just know that the car will compete with rivals like Ford Explorer or Volkswagen Talagon.Video: See details of Lynk & Co 09 technology SUV.


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