Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie earning 287 million: ‘It’s never been harder than this song’!

Ly Nha Ky, Dong Nhi, Ibuki Imata, Giang Trang – Photo provided by film crew, producer

Collecting 287 million, Ly Nha Ky is sad because the movie has few screenings

Early screening from the evening of May 12, to the afternoon of May 14, the movie Third person from producer and actress Ly Nha Ky earned only 287 million VND, according to Box Office Vietnam.

The film’s budget is 33 billion dong, if the revenue does not improve in the coming days, Third person risk of heavy loss.

Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie that earned 287 million: It's never been harder than this song!  - Photo 2.

Ly Nha Ky with actor Han Jae Suk, actress Kim Tuyen at the premiere of the movie “The Third” on May 12 – Photo: Provided by the crew

On the evening of May 13, on her personal page, Ly Nha Ky complained about the movie’s screening situation: “Being sick, she couldn’t sit up, tonight Ky planned to drag the corpse to go on a cine tour with the crew and meet the audience.

But when I look at the screenings in theaters, I want to lower my blood sugar. Shouldn’t the audience get up at 8am to watch a movie, and at 11pm the audience will sleep in the theater waiting to see the movie?”.

On a theater website, showtimes of Third person all fall at around 8am, 5pm, 10pm… with a small number of seats.

“Ky’s life has never been more miserable than this. Theater systems, Ky just wants the film to be more accessible to the audience, because after the movie premiere, anyway. Third person Yesterday, the movie was still well-reviewed and good. I hope theaters can arrange many screenings with a suitable time so that Vietnamese audiences who love Vietnamese movies can watch” – Ly Nha Ky reminded.

Assistant Dong Nhi apologizes to fans who were stripped of channel management rights

After Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang apologized, the assistant Nguyen Van Anh – the main character in the story for being accused of causing anger to fans – also apologized and took responsibility.

Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie that earned 287 million: It's never been harder than this song!  - Photo 3.

After Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang, it was the assistant’s turn to apologize to the fans – Photo: Facebook Dong Nhi

The assistant said: “The last time I came back was also a period when I was under great pressure, causing myself to be seriously stressed, had to be hospitalized and did not do many things well as expected, leading to the crisis. . Also because it’s easy to get stressed, I always try to avoid the negative things around by blocking all and hurting you.”

Assistant Dong Nhi apologized to FC Dong Nhi, and apologized to Nguyen Minh Huy – a fan who built the YouTube channel FC Dong Nhi and had the channel revoked by the company. Van Anh said that he had “failed to clearly and fully convey the contents entrusted to him by his superiors to cause a big misunderstanding”, which made Minh Huy angry.

Currently, the Dong Nhi fan community is still not satisfied with the behavior of the female singer and assistant.

Street Dance Vietnam has guests from China Street Dance

Female dancer Ibuki Imata (Japanese) from Street Dance of China was a guest in episode 4 of Street Dance Vietnam (This is street dance).

Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie that earned 287 million: It's never been harder than this song!  - Photo 4.

Dancer Ibuki Imata – Photo: Provided by the producer

Ibuki Imata made the whole Street Dance Vietnam studio explode when appearing with a very “burning” dance performance. Captain Chi Pu constantly howled and cheered for Ibuki.

Throughout the program, MC Tran Thanh also had friendly exchanges with Ibuki in English. Ibuki will be the special judge, voting for each player’s performance at the Hot Chair round.

The female dancer shared about Vietnam Street Dance: “The stage is beautiful, made in a very new Vietnamese style. I am very happy to be here”.

Singer Giang Trang shared about the divorce event

In the talk show Exit of FPT Play, singer Giang Trang – famous vocalist Trinh – shared about divorce. Speaking to host Dinh Tien Dung, she considers divorce a “key” to open a new door in life.

Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie that earned 287 million: It's never been harder than this song!  - Photo 5.

Singer Giang Trang in the program Exit – Photo: Provided by the producer

After the divorce, she still maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband as two confidants. Her ex-husband always accompanies her to take care of children and work. Giang Trang thinks that the past let it go and we should only remember the beautiful and memorable things.

Spending time thinking about herself and people, Giang Trang concludes that all the joys and sorrows of life are encapsulated in one word “fight”. When the “storms” come, our job is to accept and face it, and sooner or later, that moment will pass and never repeat.

The domain of memory: The land suddenly turns into a soul

MC Quynh Hoa and Vu Manh Cuong and guests including journalist Luu Dinh Trieu, Dr. Le Thi Truc Anh, singer Ngoc Linh bring interesting stories about the lands that each person has traveled through in the program Mien Giang. May memory – The land suddenly turned into a soul.

Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie that earned 287 million: It's never been harder than this song!  - Photo 6.

Journalist Luu Dinh Trieu interacts in the program – Photo: HTV

Besides, there are songs praising the southern land like The song of the southern land, the sun and the wind in the south, the glittering raindrops, the spring sound of Tri An, Hello city with the participation of singers Ngoc Anh, Quoc Dai, Trieu Loc, Tran Ngoc Anh, Hoang Duc Thinh, Le Thu Ha, Le Thu Hien, Truc Lai…

The program airs on HTV9 at 9am on May 15.


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