“Looking” for Kawasaki J125 scooter more than 138 million VND, fighting Honda PCX

Referring to Kawasaki, many people will probably think of famous large displacement motorcycles such as Kawasaki H2R or Kawasaki Z1000. However, few people know this car company also produces scooters with beautiful design, modern equipment and of course with an equally terrible price – that is New Kawasaki J125.Form scooter Kawasaki J125 bold sports style distributed by the company in the European market. In terms of appearance, this is a scooter with a small Maxi-Scooter design with a grandiose appearance, a large headboard and a windshield.As can be seen, the headlight of this sporty Kawasaki J125 scooter is familiarly designed with the beauty from Sport bike models such as the ZX-10R, creating an aggressive and beautiful head.Kawasaki J125 is a product from the cooperation between Kawasaki and Kymco from 2015 to present. Therefore, in addition to the typical headlight design, other parts as well as the engine of the J125 have many typical features of Kymco scooters such as; Beautiful neoclassical combination dashboard, central LCD display, mobile device charging port…The chassis is made of tubular steel with a diamond-shaped design. The 37 mm telescopic front suspension and the rear double cylinder spring can be adjusted.Although the saddle height is at 775mm with a wide saddle, but with the adjustment of the rear suspension, the new Kawasaki model will be suitable for many customers in many different markets. Kawasaki J125 has a self-weight of 182kg.Kawasaki J125 owns 5-spoke alloy wheels with front and rear wheel diameters of 14′ and 13′ respectively. In terms of safety, J125 owns a single disc brake system on both wheels with optional ABS equipment. This will help J125 reach more customers.The engine block of the large Kawasaki scooter, although only has a capacity of 125cc, is announced for 14 hp, higher than the Honda PC-X 150 (13 hp) and only slightly lower than the Yamaha NM-X 150 (14.9 hp).From now until the end of 2021, Kawasaki and Kymco will have to research a new engine block for the J125, when the current engine block no longer meets Euro 5 emission standards.Currently, the car is being distributed in the European market. Level Kawasaki J125 price quite high up to 4,249 pounds (equivalent to about 138 million dong).Video: Introducing the new sporty Kawasaki J125 scooter.


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