Long distance, TV managed to make a program

The 218 Dance Crew group performed a dance song based on the adventurous work of Cricket in the program ‘Super Vietnamese dance group’ – Photo: VTV3

Programs have to search for content to cover in the situation where they can’t record on set, showing the picture of producers’ “surpassing difficulties” during the epidemic season.

Online dating, solo singing in the season of separation

The singing competition for students “Musical Train” in season 4 is divided into 3 groups: solo, vocal group and dance group. This year, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, only solo contests were held, with 8 episodes being broadcast on channel HTV9 since May.

In addition, from June 20, the band HTV also organized an entertainment playground called “At the singing theater”, in order to find good singers in the context of ensuring the safety of the epidemic season.

Long distance, television managed to make a program - Photo 2.

Masks on the stage of the ‘Music Bus’ contest – Photo: BTC

The contestants submitted their voices to the program. At the end of each month, the top 9 best performances over three weeks will face the final challenge: solo singing and the opportunity to appear on the air.

On June 19, the program “Want to date?” aired on HTV7 appeared an extra version of the story – “Mr. Mai’s date”.

Right in the first episode, the maid Quyen Linh introduced: “The epidemic situation is complicated, so Quyen Linh will meet and listen to your sharing about your happy journey…”.

Long distance, television managed to make a program - Photo 3.

‘Mr Mai is dating’ Quyen Linh – Photo: Fanpage Mr. Mai is dating

Refreshing the show is something that the producers are always interested in, but during the COVID-19 period, it is difficult to record the program, “Mr. Mai dating” is also a way to help the producer “Do you want to date?” pass this stage.

Specifically, if as before each number “Want to date?” make 2 couples tomorrow, the upcoming issues will only have 1 paired couple – which were the couples that were filmed on the set before the outbreak.

Then, in the “Mr. Mai dating” section, MC Quyen Linh called a video call to connect with the couple who were married from the program.

Make a treatment plan if the translation takes a long time

Although most of the episodes have been produced, the show “Voice Battle Floor” (VTV3) has planned to handle it if the epidemic lasts until July.

Ms. Bich Lien, director of the production company “Singing war”, said: “Although it is difficult, it is not without a solution. Maybe the show will be filmed without an audience, the artists have to sit. separated from each other…”.

Long distance, television managed to make a program - Photo 4.

Singer My Linh in the program ‘Singing battle floor’ – Photo: Fanpage of singing floor

Mr. Tran Anh Dung, deputy director of VietCom Company – the production unit of the program “Super Vietnamese Dance Group” broadcast on VTV3, also said that one of the biggest difficulties today is still the inability to continue producing. continue field programs.

Specifically with the program “Super Vietnamese dance group”, the crew decided to introduce the behind-the-scenes story of the dance groups participating in the competition… to ensure a continuous broadcast time frame, in case the epidemic lasts longer. .

Long distance, television managed to make a program - Photo 5.

The MUG group made an impression with a dance to show the assigned work, “Water cake” in the “Super Vietnamese dance group” – Photo: VietCom

The production of these derivative episodes is carried out according to quality criteria, connected to the program content, without creating interruptions that cause confusion for viewers.

According to Mr. Dung, the failure to produce the program while the television broadcast cannot be left blank, the broadcasting contract with the station will be prolonged is inevitable. Falling into this undesirable situation makes the production time more or less prolonged, increasing production costs.

Performance by 218 Dance Crew in the program ‘Super Vietnamese dance group’ – Source: VietCom Talent Show

“We suffered a lot of losses, but this is the general situation of program production units and many businesses.

We are always in the mood to prepare personnel, ready resources and a reasonable production schedule so that the recording can be done quickly while ensuring the safety of the production crew and guests during the social distancing order. removed,” Dung said.

Online enrollment

The organizers of “Golden Bells Vong Co” – a contest to honor HTV’s art of Don Ca Tai Tu and Cai Luong Theater – also had to change the way to register and organize the pre-qualification round by online form. .

The program “Challenging Comedians” has also suspended enrollment in HCMC for the third time because of the epidemic. The producer’s representative said it is likely that the program has some significant changes to suit the new situation.


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