List of practical equipment for Ford Ranger 2022

The new generation Ford Ranger was officially launched in November last year. It is expected that Ford will start accepting orders from customers who want to buy this pickup model in the European market by the end of this year. Before that time, Ford listed the practical equipment of Ranger 2022.According to Ford, this is “the most versatile Ranger model ever”. Ford says that pickup trucks in Europe are not limited to farms or construction sites anymore.Instead, more and more customers use pickup trucks as tourist cars, serving entertainment and entertainment activities. Therefore, Ford has designed Ranger 2022 to be more suitable for families, according to more than 5,000 interviews with customers who are using pickup trucks.The first highlight of New Ford Ranger 2022 is the volume of the rear cargo box, up to 1,200 liters. Thanks to that, the vehicle can carry pallets according to European standards. Depending on the version, the rear box of the Ford Ranger 2022 will have a length of 1,638 – 2,305 mm while the width is slightly more than 50 mm compared to the old generation.In addition, the rear trunk of the car also integrates a footstool located below the rear bumper, making it easier for users to get on / off. This equipment is combined with the rear trunk door that is easy to open and close and can be used as a seat. If you spend more money, customers can equip the rear trunk lid with electric adjustment for the car.Next are the wooden panels designed specifically for the Ford Ranger 2022 so that car owners can create storage compartments as they like. Meanwhile, the back of the barrel is less slippery, easy to clean and creates a comfortable feeling for users when kneeling. Other practical details of the Ford Ranger 2022 include a bar to tie things and a roof baga. The roof can carry 350 kg when standing still or 85 kg when running on the road.Finally, there is a 12V power outlet and a 400W inverter to provide power for small appliances such as ovens, coolers or to charge smartphones, laptops…For those who want to use Ranger 2022 to go camping or participate in outdoor activities that require more electricity, Ford will respond by leaving room for a second battery under the bonnet. In addition, there is a pre-wired auxiliary switch board, used for lights on the roof, winch, small body or towing equipment.When the driver uses the Zone feature, navigates through the infotainment screen or smartphone, the Ford Ranger 2022 will illuminate the area around the body of the vehicle or specific areas. In addition, the car also has a light system in the rear trunk for users to easily find things in the dark.Besides the above features, the company also provides a list of more than 150 Genuine parts for Ford Ranger 2022. However, the comfort equipment of this pickup in the European market has not been revealed yet. Meanwhile, in Australia, the car has a vertical 12-inch touch screen, serving the Ford SYNC 4 infotainment system, digital dashboard, 360-degree camera with high resolution and smartphone charging wireless smart.Likewise, information about the engine of this pickup truck in Europe remains private. In the new generation, Ford Ranger 2022 has a total of 4 engine options. The first is a new 3.0L turbocharged V6 diesel engine, shared with the senior Ford F-150.The second is a new 2.3L 4-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine. The third is a 4-cylinder diesel engine, single turbocharger, 2.0L capacity as before.Finally, the 4-cylinder, twin-turbocharged, 2.0-liter diesel engine is also carried over from the old generation.Currently, Ford has not announced the operating parameters of the above engines. Just know that the engines of the car will come with the same 10-speed automatic transmission as before or a new 6-speed manual transmission.Customers will have two options of 2-wheel drive, including an electronic transmission system (Shift-on-the-fly) and a full-time 4-wheel drive system. Unfortunately, the current price of the Ford Ranger 2022 has not been revealed yet. It is expected that the new Ford Ranger will be officially launched in Vietnam in the third quarter of this year.Video: order Ranger 2022 new generation and valuable accessories.


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