Lexus IS 2021 more than 2 billion for dealers near Tet, expensive but attractive

After years of distributing cars in the Vietnamese market, Lexus Vietnam has expanded its sedan product portfolio by adding the IS 2021 model. New generation Lexus IS is positioned lower than the mid-sized ES and the large LS.Lexus IS 2021 in Vietnam Imported directly from Japan, the car has a starting price of 2.13 billion dong for the IS 300 Standard version. While the two more advanced versions of 300 Luxury and 300h hybrid have prices, respectively: 2.49 and 2.82 billion VND.General, Price Lexus IS 2021 much higher than other competitors such as the locally assembled Mercedes-Benz C-Class priced from VND 1,399 to 1.9 billion or imported BMW 3 Series priced from VND 1.8 – 2.3 billion. However, few people know that the selling price of the Lexus IS 2021 is not the highest in the segment, but the “throne” belongs to the Jaguar XE model, priced from VND 2.6 to 2.9 billion.Despite the high selling price, the Lexus IS 2021 still attracts its own customers, those who prefer the Lexus luxury brand “solidly wear durable” because of factors such as smooth operation, durability, and price keeping. , easy to buy, easy to sell and good customer service. In fact, Lexus is a car brand that is often maintained by customers for a long time, less resold in a short time.In addition, thanks to the youthful and edgy design style, the IS 2021 facelift series can still reach successful young customers. In addition, Lexus IS is also the most accessible model in the product portfolio including CUV, SUV and sedan of Lexus brand in Vietnam.Engine-wise, both IS 300 Standard and Luxury versions use a 4cyl engine in line, turbocharged 2.0L capacity for a maximum capacity of 241 hp and maximum torque of 350 Nm. The power is transmitted to the rear wheel (RWS) through an 8-speed automatic transmission, the car comes with many different driving modes (3 modes in Standard and 4 modes in Luxury).While the most advanced IS 300h uses a 4cyl petrol engine, 2.5L naturally aspirated, combined with an electric motor, for a total gasoline + electric capacity of about 220 horsepower. Vehicles used in combination with a CVT continuously variable automatic transmission.IS 2021’s interior has a simple, harmonious and luxurious design. Leather steering wheel with integrated paddle shifters, analoge-style sports dashboard with a 4.2-inch multi-information display.8-inch infotainment screen, supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The car comes with automatic 2-zone automatic air conditioning.Although there is no price advantage compared to competitors, but the Lexus IS 2021 is still attractive in the segment and aimed at individual customers. This is an ideal choice for Vietnamese customers who want to buy small luxury sedans and want to be different from the majority.Video: Launching the new generation Lexus IS 2021 in Vietnam.


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