Last day offer 199,000 VND for eConference ticket to welcome stock wave

Super early ticket offer of 199,000 VND eConference with the theme “secrets to welcome the wave at the end of the year” will end today 11/11, before moving to the period of 299,000 VND.

Readers who want to learn the knowledge and experience of “Taking profits in stocks – Secrets to welcome the year-end wave for newcomers” only have one day left to buy tickets at this preferential price.

The topic includes in-depth sharing videos of famous speakers, providing important notes for investors new to the stock market at the end of the year such as: understanding the nature of securities; how to invest safely in the first 90 days; Read price lists and stock analysis from basic to advanced with lessons on “gains and losses” when investing.

With “traumatic” experiences that are drawn into real-life lessons, the speakers will help investors avoid mistakes stemming from lack of information and inexperience.

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F0 investors need practical experience before investing in securities. Photo: Pexels

The 5th topic on eBox was held in the context that up to 1.1 million new investors “joined” the market in the first 10 months of the year. Broadly, 4 out of 100 people will participate, reflecting the outstanding attraction of securities compared to other investment channels. The end and beginning of the year is also the time when the stock market is active, with little bad volatility, suitable for new investors to start looking for profits.

The topic “Take profits in stocks – Secrets to catch the wave at the end of the year for newcomers” is dedicated to those who want to make money from stocks, the opportunity to interact, ask and answer directly with reputable speakers, many years of experience. .

Videos presented by speakers who are experts in the market will help viewers understand more about this attractive form of investment. From there, F0 investors can control the cash flow, know how to choose stocks, time to take profits, cut losses reasonably and avoid risks from the mistakes of their predecessors.

In addition to the premiere videos, the topic will bring two live-streaming sessions with speakers with the topics of “factors affecting stock prices other than business results” and “analysing and forecasting market movements”. end of 2021, beginning of 2022″.

eConference “Taking profits in stocks – Secrets to welcome the wave at the end of the year for newcomers” will be broadcast for three days from November 25. Interested readers can learn about the program here.

Hoai Phuong

The topic “Selling profits – Secrets to welcome the year-end wave for newcomers” is opening for sale with preferential prices from 199,000 VND on eBox – VnExpress’s experience sharing platform. Readers can find out here.


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