Lao Cai: Suddenly pipe floods killed 3 people

Due to the influence of the intensified cold air, combined with the high wind convergence area, from the night of April 16 to the morning of April 17, 2021, there was heavy rain on a large scale in Lao Cai province. In Minh Ha village, Minh Luong commune, Van Ban district, around 2:20 a.m. on April 17, 2021, floods from upstream flowed back, swept away mud, soil and tree trunks, causing blockage of cross culverts to overflow to the surface of National Highway 279. damage to some properties of houses on both sides of the road.

The Search and Rescue Force cleaned up National Highway 279, where the mud was flooded. Photo: General Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control

Up to now, the number of victims killed in the incident has reached 3, there are no missing people. However, the damage caused by the tube flood has not been completely recovered. 279 Highway near the area of ​​the medical station of Minh Luong commune was congested, mud filled the road surface, more than 200m long.

25 houses and property of the people in Minh Luong commune were flooded with mud. 5 ha of rice in Minh Luong commune was buried. Some electric poles and telecommunication lines were damaged, causing power outage and transmission signal loss. Estimated total initial damage is over 2.5 billion.

Immediately after receiving the information, Van Ban District Command for Natural Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue directed the district’s relevant units, the People’s Committee of Minh Luong commune to mobilize forces to coordinate the recovery and search. find missing people; damage statistics.

Search and rescue forces have helped affected households to clean up, traffic is temporarily cleared (the volume of mud, sand and tree trunks is much). For the victim Ma A Lo (Phong Tho district – Lai Chau) who was supported by the district People’s Committee 5 million VND, the functional force carried out the handover procedure for the victim’s family to be buried.

Le Kim Lien


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