Land Rover Defender bold play, “imitation” from the Japanese kei car

The Japanese aftermarket market not only revolves around swapping engines and the crazier the bikes as possible, it also embraces a lighter side and creates weird machines that show gratitude. to classic cars from around the world – and the car Land Rover Defender clones This is an example. DAMD is such a vehicle tuning company that specializes in transforming friendly Japanese kei cars into a truly cool machine.In the past, the company has provided kits that convert the Toyota 86 into Lexus LFA, and Suzuki Jimny to Mercedes G-Class.Now their newest product is to turn a humble Daihatsu Taft into a miniature version of Classic Land Rover Defender. The best part about it is that it’s named “Little D”.Little D started life as a regular Daihatsu Taft but was quickly transformed into what we see here thanks to some body-leveling accessories.The front end now features a Defender-like grille and front bumper, and even the bonnet resembles classic Defenders, while the brand name “Little D” has the same typeface as the real Defender.DAMD also offers a wide range of stickers including quotes related to British car brands. And yet, above the roof, there is also a wooden decorative stand.Inside, Little D’s interior now has green plaid fabric seats with vinyl contrasting black, or buyers can choose from gray and red. As a small kei by nature, Little D weighs only about 830 kg and is 3,396 mm long.Mechanically under the bonnet, this 5-door hatchback is equipped with a series of 658 cc 3-cylinder engines, of which the most powerful version comes with a turbocharger and 63 hp.The only unfortunate thing is Little D Land Rover Defender Sold only within Japan, so if you’re feeling excited about this tiny Land Rover Defender then you won’t be able to regret it.Video: Daihatsu Taft level of Land Rover Defender is super impressive.


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