Lan comedy: “Treasure” of Vietnam

Orchids, in ancient times, are honored by mankind “flower regal”. For the world orchid collector, research and business, the “first regal” destination is orchid comedy.

The price of orchids on the market is so dizzying that people are … dizzy.

The “cradle” of the orchid is Vietnamese

Orchid, neatly turned into orchid, Chinese characters recorded 風 蘭 and simplified write 风 兰. It is a family of plants that are scientifically identified in Latin as Orchidaceae, with 800 genera with 35,000 species, distributed throughout the earth. Particularly in Vietnam, preliminary statistics about 140 genera with more than 800 species of domestic orchids.

Among them, orchid genus is considered “treasure” of our country, including many endemic species narrow and very narrow.

Veil Lan Comedy

Full call must spread the female comedy, scientific nomenclature Paphiopedilum Pfitz. The Latin name was given in 1886 by the German orchid scientist Ernst Hugo Heinrich Pfitzer (1846 – 1906) based on the shape of a pocket-shaped lip, which looks like a comical nose, which is a combination of two Greek words: Paphia – female. Venus, pedilon – comedy.

Book “Vietnamese orchids” compiled by Tran Hop (Agricultural Publishing House, 1998) describes 14 species of the genus Paphiopedilum – here abbreviated P. – Pfitz. that: “In the world, the genus Comedy has more than 50 species, widely distributed from Hymalaya, China, across Southeast Asia, Indonesia to Tan Ghi Ne. In Vietnam, the genus has more than 10 species, distinguished by petal (dorsal, colon) and double stamens ”.

For many reasons, many species of comedy orchids have … gone extinct! Therefore, now that when they are rediscovered any species of comedy, immediately create an event.

In 1990, to prevent the risk of indiscriminate collection of comedians, an organization called The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) issued a resolution: Prohibit international trade for the entire genus Comedy. The resolution does not interfere with domestic business, on the contrary, it encourages artificial farming to increase production of orchids for the world community.

Sapa’s typical flower is a double comedy orchid on postage stamps.

Li period selling Vietnamese comedy orchids

Orchid Digest – an orchid specialist published in the US – made some special about the P. delenatii comedian orchid that has “been in the lake” for more than 60 years, with a guess: If you want to hunt from the area The “Golden Triangle” goes to Cao Bang and Lang Son provinces of Vietnam, hoping to find P. delenatii. Despite the danger, many groups of hunting spreads flocked to that area for a long time but still empty-handed.

Surprisingly, at that time, residents of Song Pha – mountainous coastal areas in Ninh Thuan – accidentally discovered a small tree species living on the rocky rapids under a thin tree in the middle of the mountain, about 800m high. Giap Tet, this species has blossoming pink flowers, fragrant scent, pocket-shaped lip nearly round and purple rose, looks exactly like a velvet comedy. They uprooted and brought to Da Lat market, selling “red orchids”. Because they have not seen flowers, the guests playing orchids in Lam Dong expressed a nonchalant expression.

At that time, a Taiwanese businessman named H. came to Da Lat to buy cymbidium, asked for a few “red comedy orchids” and then returned home thanks to expert evaluation. The results were beyond expectation: It was P.delenatii. Taking a golden opportunity, H. immediately returned to Vietnam, looking for Song Pha foresters and making the following conditions: Consuming an unlimited number of “red orchids”, purchasing by weight-to-sign with equivalent prices. .. vegetable. In only two months 7 and 8/1993, H. comfortably moved back to Taiwan 3 tons of P. delenatii orchid by general declaration as cymbidium and foreign entrustment, many trips did not pass inspection. From Taiwan, Vietnam’s endemic comedy orchid is exported to the UK, France, Germany, Japan, America … In this lucrative deal, H. is estimated to have a profit of millions of USD!

In September 1993, in Don Duong district, Lam Dong province, there were 2 “red comedy orchids” in bloom. Teacher Nguyen Thien Tich – working at the Department of Biology, University of Ho Chi Minh City, cum Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh City Bonsai Orchids Association – immediately went to Don Duong to survey, the announcement: “The source of orchids has been found. Vietnamese endemic comedy P. delenatii ”.

Red / Pink orchid Song Pha, Ninh Thuan.

The owner does not know all “treasure”

Under natural conditions, only Asia has the orchid orchid. World map of orchids highlight 3 Indochinese countries, taking Vietnam as a focus point.

Up to now, Ve Nu comedy orchid is known for more than 60 species, it is estimated that Vietnam accounts for half. At present, besides P. delenatii, commonly known as the red orchid or pink comedy, it has been discovered in our country at least 15 other species of the genus slipper orchid.

Another endemic orchid species of Vietnam has been discovered in Tam Dao National Park in Vinh Phuc province: The green orchid P. gratrixianum.

Vietnam also has gold comedy orchid P. villosum, purple comedy orchid P. purpurathum, white comedy orchid P. emersonii, comedy orchid P. callosum, orchid comedy P. amabile, P. concolor, P. hirsutissimum orchid, P. parishii, P. hiepii, P. henryanum, P. bellatulum, P. helenae, P. appletoniaum, Decorative comedy P. insigne.

P. dianthum orchid is chosen by Sapa town in Lao Cai province as a typical flower. Artist Nguyen Du designed double comedy orchid flower with the background stone church on the postage stamp “Sapa Tourism” issued on October 1, 2003.

Report “Vietnamese comedy orchid” of Phanxipang published in New World magazine 522, the number of spring Quy Mui 2003, stated predictions by experts: In the near future, the Vietnamese comedy orchid collection is likely to be more than 30 species. .


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