Know online payment, savings, bank loans … through watching cartoons

The press conference to introduce the program The keybox hand program – Photo: V.ANH

On May 6, the State Bank and Vietnam Television held a press conference to introduce the program Hand key box.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Sen – Director of the Department of Communications, the State Bank of Vietnam – said that this is a new financial education communication program, especially by the Department of Communications, the State Bank and the Center. educational program – Vietnam Television (VTV7) coordinated for implementation.

Hand key box will guide the public on how to use banking and financial products, especially payment via Internet banking, mobile banking, payment of public services via banks, and make notes when using cards; process of saving, borrowing, consumer credit …

“The goal of the program is to improve people’s access to official capital sources, limit black credit, and avoid risks for users of financial services” – Ms. Sen informed.

Representative of Vietnam Television – VTV7 said Hand key box will be shown through 52 animated episodes. Through simple stories about people and life, financial and banking information will be conveyed vividly, attractive, simple, easy to understand to the entire public by the program.

In particular, each issue of the program will send a life lesson about love, gratitude to parents, love for family, appreciation of human values ​​… summarized through the songs. knife, proverb, idiom.

Hand key box has a duration of about 5 minutes, aired at 20:55 every Friday on channel VTV1, starting from May 7.


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