Khanh Hoa youth help people to consume agricultural and seafood products

Growing specialty oranges on a deserted hill, the boy overcomes difficulties to get rich in his homeland

TPO – Not only performing well in union and team work, but Mr. Dang Van Tuan – Secretary of the Youth Union of Tho Dien commune is also an example of youth in the mountainous district of Vu Quang (Ha Tinh) when overcoming difficulties to get rich on the land. countryside.

Ms. Nguyen Pham Duy Trang gives gifts to Dong Nai students

The Central Team Council supports more than 1 billion VND for children affected by the COVID-19 epidemic

TPO – The Central Team Council coordinated with many units to donate more than 1 billion VND to support and help children in difficult circumstances affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ms. Khiem Thi Thanh was happy when she was given a gift bag of welfare at the stall "Millions of welfare bags"

The female motorbike taxi driver cried tears of joy when receiving the gift of ‘Million welfare bags’

TPO – Ms. Khiem Thi Thanh, working as a motorbike taxi driver and unemployed for nearly 4 months, cried tears of joy when she was given a bag of essential necessities in the program “Million bags of well-being”.

Farewell to frontline soldiers after days of fighting against the epidemic

Farewell to frontline soldiers after days of fighting against the epidemic

TPO – After more than a month of supporting the fight against the epidemic, the “warriors” in blue and white shirts of Bach Mai Hospital and Bach Mai Medical College have returned to the capital when many areas in Ho Chi Minh City have become “green” and become green. again. At the moment of parting, the people who had been on the front lines for many days were able to exchange smiles, warm hugs and tears of sadness and nostalgia.

Journalist Pham Cong Luan (left) composes photos with reporter Hoai Linh in a northern province.  Hoai Linh is a photojournalist of Hoa Hoc Tro newspaper, now an art photographer.  Documentary photos

30 years of Hoa Hoc Pu’s first issue: The Southern Debt

TP – The first Hoa Hoc Tro newspaper was published on October 15, 1991 and soon appeared in Saigon. The cover of this newspaper has a picture of a lovely student… Up to now, in addition to the printed newspaper, Hoa Hoc Tro also has an online version (, which still gives young readers new works rich in human values…

Pham Thi Phuoc Van with her mushroom product

The girl’s passion for mushrooms in the land of Lotus

TP – In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with many difficulties, a young girl from her hometown of Sen Hong (Dong Thap) still brings in tens of millions of dong a month from her passion for growing mushrooms.

Young people help the old man and his wife cook 0 dong to give to relatives

Young people help the old man and his wife cook 0 dong to give to relatives

TPO – Old age, but Hong and his wife still diligently maintain the kitchen to help the poor have a delicious lunch.

Nguyen Van Huyen, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Blood Donation Campaign Youth Association, has donated blood 23 times

Faces dedicated to the community

City – Nguyen Van Huyen and Phan Van Duc are two of 65 typical Vietnamese Youth Union officials nationwide to receive the “October 15” award in 2021. One is a leader in the donation movement. blood and blood donation campaign; the other has many initiatives to organize volunteer activities for the community.

Promoting the rights of children and young people

Promoting the rights of children and young people

TPO – The Central Youth Union and Plan International in Vietnam signed an agreement to implement the program to promote children’s rights and youth rights in Vietnam in the 2021-2026 period, with priority contents: prevention, respond to gender-based violence; improve life skills, vocational skills and develop livelihoods for young people.


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