Keep traffic consciousness, keep human life

According to Dr. Kim Phuc Thanh, Head of General Planning Department of the Hospital (BV) Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, in the first 6 months of the year, the hospital received ambulance for nearly 1,000 cases of traffic accidents (TNGT).

Haunted at the gateway

Doctors of the Emergency Department of Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City are those who regularly receive many cases of traffic accidents from mild to severe, from adults to children. Because it is located in the eastern gateway area of ​​the city near the national highway, traffic accidents happen a lot. In many cases of coma, being taken to the emergency by passersby, many times the hospital had to ask the media to announce to help relatives for anonymous victims.

A case of a traffic accident was treated by Gia An 115 Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: HOSPITAL PROVIDED

The satellite emergency station 115 Gia An BV is located in a densely populated area – Binh Tan, Tan Phu, Binh Chanh districts – and bordering the southwestern provinces such as Long An and Tien Giang, so the hospital usually accepts the grant. saving many serious traffic accidents. BS-CK2 Nguyen Thang Nhat Tue, Emergency Department of Gia An Hospital 115 City, said recently, the whole hospital had to race against time to save the man riding a motorcycle on Provincial Highway 10 (Binh Tan District) had to be on duty bus view. The victim suffered multiple trauma, skull fractures, epidural hematoma, multiple rib fractures, pulmonary stamping, pneumothorax, and was fortunate to have been promptly handled so the danger was over.

At the Xuyen A General Hospital located in Cu Chi district – the northwest gateway of Ho Chi Minh City also regularly receives many cases of traffic accidents, many cases of very serious injuries, serious injuries due to crushing of organs such as kidney rupture, rupture. liver, spleen rupture …

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Tang Chi Thuong, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, up to now, there are 34 public and private hospitals in 22 districts participating as satellite stations of the Emergency Center. 115. This outpatient emergency network, especially in the gateway and suburban areas, contributes to on-site emergency care for about 1,500 patients per day (of which traffic accidents make up the majority).

The pain stays behind

In more than 100 hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City (city, district, district, private, ministry) hospitals almost always admit people with traffic accidents. The light weight is handled on the spot, while the heavy weight is transferred to the higher level.

BS-CK2 Tran Van Song, Deputy Director of HCM City People’s Hospital 115, said every day, the hospital received emergency about 30 cases of traffic accidents. And Gia Dinh People’s Hospital often gave emergency medical services overnight.

According to BS-CK2 Pham Tri Dung, Head of the Emergency Department of Cho Ray Hospital, on average, the hospital receives about 40-50 emergencies a day because of traffic accidents, most of which are serious injuries such as fractures of arms and legs, traumatic brain injury. Abdominal trauma, abdominal trauma … The latest case of traffic accidents was transferred from Binh Duong to Mr. NVT (49 years old), hospitalized in a state of multiple serious injuries, rupture of the right pelvis, pneumothorax, shock loss blood, hyperglycemia. Although the hospital activated a red alert to focus on healing resources, Mr. T.’s injury was too serious. Another case was that baby N.Đ.T (3 years old) fell and broke his spleen while being transported by his father by motorbike for a long time to monitor complications of secondary abdominal bleeding. Dr. Kim Phuc Thanh said that most traffic accidents are related to alcohol or beer or due to a poor sense of traffic.

According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, in the first 10 months of 2020, there were more than 11,600 traffic accidents occurred nationwide, killing more than 5,000 people, injuring more than 8,600 people. On average, every day in Vietnam, about 20 people die from traffic accidents.

Dr. Kim Phuc Thanh confided, “Traffic accidents is something no one wants, but it still happens every day and every hour, robbing the health and lives of many people. The most frightening thing is traumatic brain injury, if lucky to keep. If there is a life, the sequel is left such as having to live a plant life, having language disorders, not being able to take care of themselves, becoming a burden for the family and society … Hope everyone should be very conscious when participating. Traffic – don’t go to the street and never return home! ”

Human life is first

It is estimated that every day in the world there are about 3,500 people going to the streets but never going home forever because of traffic accidents. November 19 every year has been chosen as the World Memorial Day for victims of traffic accidents. Human life is first. Traffic accidents can happen to anyone. Traffic accidents is a painful problem of society … The above-mentioned messages have been repeated many times so that each person can train themselves to comply with safety when participating in traffic.

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