Jumping into a swimming pool with little water, the man broke his neck vertebrae

Military Central Hospital 108 has just received a male NVT patient (55 years old), hospitalized with cervical spine injury, C1 vertebra fracture due to jumping. pool over water.

The patient said that during the swimming session with his son, because he did not notice that the water level in the pool was lower than usual, Mr. T. jumped headfirst into the pool and hit his head on the floor.

The image of the cervical spine is fixed with screws- Photo: Provided by the hospital

After the accident, this man felt severe pain and limited movement of the cervical spine. The patient was given first aid to fix the cervical spine correctly at the front-line hospital and transferred to the 108 Military Central Hospital.

Here, the patient had a clinical examination, computed tomography of the cervical spine, determined that this was a case of high cervical spine injury, complicated fracture of the C1 vertebrae, needing surgery to fix it. stable spine.

Doctors of Neurosurgery Department performed occipital-neck fixation surgery. Cervical spine C2 – C3 – C4 is fixed by screw through the pedicle together with screw of occipital bone, bone grafting behind. This screwing technique has the strongest fixing effect in terms of force.

However, this is a difficult technique, rarely performed commonly in neurosurgery – spine due to its complicated nature. To do this, the surgeon needs to have a lot of experience and full equipment and tools. After surgery, the patient was discharged from the hospital, walking normally and returning to daily activities.

The doctor advised people to be careful and attentive in daily activities. If an accident like the one above happens, the patient should be given first aid properly by fixing the neck brace. Then, go to a medical facility for timely examination, examination and intervention by specialist doctors, avoiding complications of secondary spinal cord injury that are life-threatening or disabled for life.

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