Jeff Bezos is always thinking about things 3 years ahead

Bezos has always worked “in the future,” making only a few decisions a day when running a trillion-dollar company like Amazon.

The richest person in the world probably never makes a New Year resolution, especially when running Amazon. That’s because he thinks things three years ahead and only makes a few decisions a day.

In his latest book “Invent & Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos”, Bezos says he and his senior staff are always working “in the future”.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world. Image: Bloomberg

“When we report good quarterly results, people often congratulate them. I just say” Thank you “then. But what I really think is that quarter was planned 3 years ago “, Says Bezos. For example, for now, Bezos and his team are dedicating “a quarter that will come in 2023”.

When running a company with a trillion capitalization like Amazon, “That’s what you need to do,” says Bezos. At an event in 2017, Bezos mentioned that taking a long-term approach helps businesses focus on planning and figuring out which areas to invest in.

Besides, as a CEO, it’s important that Bezos makes a few decisions every day. “As a top leader, what are you getting paid for? To make some high quality decisions only,” he said. Bezos revealed that he “makes three good decisions in a day. That’s enough. They have to be as quality as possible”.

Bezos learned from billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s decision-making philosophy. “Warren Buffett says he feels fine making only three good decisions a year. I really believe that,” said Bezos.

Of course, the present is very different from when Amazon was a startup in the ’90s. At that time, Bezos had to make hundreds of decisions a day. Even have to hand the package and take it to the post office to send. However, things have changed very quickly since Amazon went public in 1997. Amazon is now a trillion dollar company. The number of employees of the company is not just over a hundred, but more than 1 million.

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