Is running a “car for numbers” punished? He develops a delivery robot without GPS

A prototype of an automated delivery robot is testing the delivery of drugs to London nursing homes during a pandemic.

The self-propelled vehicle called Kar-go is designed to solve the last-mile delivery problem, from the distribution center or storage to the final delivery point, which typically accounts for the majority of freight. .

“Essentially, we shortened the time and minimized shipping costs by using a robot capable of working day and night and you only have to pay a small amount of electricity for the delivery fee,” said William. Sachiti, founder of the UK Robotics Academy, the Kar-go developer, said.

This electric robot car can carry 48 packages and autonomously ride on urban and rural lanes without GPS signal. Instead, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn the route, as well as sort packages on the go.

Kar-go will focus on delivering small parcels the size of a shoebox. The robot can reach a maximum travel speed of 96 km / h and takes about 3 hours to fully charge, of which the first hour can charge 70% fast.

According to Robotics Academy, the vehicle promises to save up to 90% in last-mile delivery costs and significantly reduce the pollution impact on the environment.

Sachiti said the trials of drug delivery to the nursing home they were running were planned before Covid-19. When a pandemic breaks out, the project immediately makes a positive impact in the community.


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