IOS just did something Google could never do with Android

The adoption rate of iPhone users to the new iOS has always been at an unbelievably high level, something that Google’s Android has never been able to achieve.

A lot of questions are about whether Android is better than iOS, but one area where iOS has always been at the top is software updates. Every year, a new version of iOS is released by Apple, and each year the latest update is immediately available to every modern iPhone on the market. As a result, the adoption rate has always been incredibly high, even just days after the update came out. History does repeat itself when Mixpanel is now reporting a 90% iOS 14 adoption rate.

According to Mixpanel, iOS 14 adoption hit 90% near the end of March and has remained steady for the first few days of April. IOS 14 hits the public on September 16 and by the end of October, it was surpasses iOS 13 with more than 50% market share.

Meanwhile, while Android 11 debuted before iOS 14 last year, it’s still unclear how many Android device owners actually installed the update. According to Statcounter, about 40% of Android users are still running Android 10, nearly 20% are running Android 9, nearly 14% are still using Android 8 or Android 8.1, and there is a significant number of Android users running sessions. the software version is even older than that. As it turns out, there are efforts being made to minimize the fragmentation problem of the mobile operating system, the majority of Android users are not using the latest version 7 months after it was made available. .

This contrast between the two operating systems will never be less impressive, but with so many different versions of Android shown, there will never be an Android that can do something like iOS. Apple’s most recent record of distribution came in February, showing that 86% of Apple devices released in the past four years are running iOS 14, and 80% of Apple devices have updated to iOS 14.

Apple device owners who have iOS 14 installed are about to get another major update when iOS 14.5 launches later this spring. The next version of iOS 14 will include some interesting additions, including a “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature that allows Apple Watch owners to unlock their iPhone while wearing a mask, support for AirPlay 2 for Apple Fitness +, DualSense support of PS5 controllers as well as Xbox Series X controllers, new Apple Maps feature, lots of new emoji characters, and 5G support in dual SIM mode on iPhone 12.


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