Infrastructure changes life in Binh Duong new city

From the deserted land, mainly swamp, after more than a decade, “transformed” into a modern, spacious city, gathering a large number of residents.

More than 15 years ago, Bau Beo field – where the new city of Binh Duong was built is still a desolate land. The land is large but the number of inhabitants is sparse, lacking basic living facilities. However, now, the swamp land and weeds have transformed into a spacious city with synchronous traffic infrastructure and busy commercial and service areas.

In April 2010, Binh Duong new city started construction with a scale of 1,000 ha, including 7 subdivisions: administrative center; high-tech park; banking and financial areas, securities; hotel office area. Besides, there are convention and exhibition centers, universities and community service areas such as squares, parks, kindergartens, hospitals …

New city appearance Binh Duong. Image: Quynh Tran.

After more than 10 years of construction, the appearance of a modern city gradually took shape. From electricity and water infrastructure to communications invested synchronously; underground lighting system; All roads have lighting systems. The water plant is invested to supply all residents living and working here.

Weekends, entertainment spots in Binh Duong new city are increasingly crowded. In particular, the new city center park is the favorite destination of residents here and surrounding areas. The park has a size of 75 hectares with a system of trees, flower gardens and lakes that are scientifically designed, taken care of carefully, creating a unique entertainment spot. Not far away is a cultural and entertainment center, a large-scale and modern fitness and sports center that meets the entertainment and entertainment needs of residents and organizes major fitness and sports events of Binh Duong Province.

Want to enjoy delicious food, residents can go to the food court not far from the park. This place has enough traditional dishes of Vietnam and countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, to meet the needs of the group of foreign experts living in the Pacific. In addition to the unique cuisine, this place also organizes cultural exchange festivals, is an opportunity for young people to have fun, learn and career orientation.

The education system in the new city follows international standards with a variety of education levels from kindergarten and kindergarten to universities such as Ngo Thoi Nhiem School, Nguyen Khuyen School, Singapore International School, and International University. East…

Central park area with ecological lake has a total area of ​​75 hectares.

Central park area with ecological lake has a total area of ​​75 hectares. Image: Quynh Tran.

Regarding trade – services, the city also put into use many important projects such as Becamex hotel, Japanese restaurants, mini supermarket, medical system with Van Phuc Hospital. Binh Duong is investing in building a planning area for hospitals in Dinh Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city, about 5 km from Binh Duong new city …

Born and raised in Thu Dau Mot city, Mr. Nguyen Van Tin (50 years old) witnessed his homeland changing skin every day. From a pure farming family with an annual income of only a few million VND, his family had a better life after the new city was formed. “Thanks to the provincial policy, my family has a job and stable income. My children and grandchildren can live in a better environment,” he said.

Commercial townhouses with hundreds of townhouses are built synchronously with complete infrastructure

Commercial townhouses with hundreds of townhouses are built synchronously with complete infrastructure.

The couple, Ngoc Trong – Ms. Hong Hue also decided to move from Binh Phuoc to Binh Duong new city to settle down with the desire to bring a good future to their children. What makes you most satisfied is the green and fresh living environment with a diversified utility system that fully meets the needs of the people.

“Binh Duong New City is full of supermarkets, restaurants, eateries, entertainment and entertainment areas, so my family does not have to go far. Here, my children have the opportunity to study and have opportunities in future “, Ms. Hue shared.

Like Mr. Tin and Hue, the lives of tens of thousands of households here are also changing day by day. From a purely agricultural land, people are changing careers, strongly developing commerce – services, especially the type of accommodation rental service.

Life changes in Binh Duong New City

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