Infiniti QX60 Monograph revealed, new generation has “swan”?

The Infiniti QX60 is currently an important product line of the Japanese luxury car brand, with annual sales at the top of the list, outperforming the rest of the Infiniti family. But when it comes to true premium feel, the QX60 is only superior to the Nissan Pathfinder by some chrome and metallic details. However this will change with The new Infiniti QX60 Monograph – closest production preview of the next generation QX60.With prototypes Infiniti QX60 luxury SUV Monograph, we can get a glimpse of the upcoming QX60. Different from the current QX60 – which looks like a minivan with a steep front end and oversized glass doors, the Monograph has a distinct SUV look. The QX60 Monograph features a vertical front grille that flows over the almost horizontal hood, while the long wheelbase and an angled glass door shape give the prototype the look of a traditional SUV.In addition, the design of the car is also influenced by Lincoln Aviator, especially in the D-pillar and the roof spoiler, but overall, the Monograph is a big improvement over the 2020 QX60. The wheels are wider, clearer, and the front arch looks much more bulky when it looks tilted. The side profile continues to be sharply depicted to emphasize that the width of the car has been increased.Of course, to accommodate the changes in bodywork, the QX60 Monograph is equipped with large wheels, further highlighting the strong, proud look of a mid-size SUV. But looking down the side of the car from the front or rear, the horizontal line at the side looks a bit fussy. Moving to the rear, there’s not much to “complain” about the QX60 Monograph’s graceful and soft rear end.The license plate mount has been moved from the rear door to the rear bumper, while the chrome border is removed between the current QX60’s rear lights. The rear of the car looks wider with the addition of dark details under the taillights, extending the entire tail section. It can be seen that the rear design is much cleaner and more advanced.One of the most interesting exterior features of the Infiniti QX60 Monograph is a new lighting system with modern LED technology and a new “digital piano key” motif, combined with matte vertical lines separating the running lights. daytime. In addition, the front and rear lighting systems both feature a unique welcome animation effect, including the light from the front emblem illuminated through the headlights and turn signals on the rearview mirror.As mentioned earlier, the styling of the windows on the QX60 2020 is a minus point, and this has been changed on the QX60 Monograph. The SUV’s new greenhouse has omitted the Infiniti’s “crescent-shaped” rear roof column – at least in theory, though, the unique tweezer-like design of the window sill combined with the side spoiler. the latter will still remind us of the old design.With the QX60 Monograph, Infiniti has blacked out all the details above the side belt, highlighting the chrome window frames and roof rails. Monograph also boasts a number of distinct Japanese decorative themes, starting with a three-dimensional texture, inspired by the art of origami for the grille, air slots on the front bumper. Infiniti also says that the panoramic roof of the QX60 Monograph can be folded like a kimono.Infiniti temporarily has not released an image of the interior of the QX60 Monograph, but the interior layout and equipment will be quite similar to the current QX50 compact SUV, including the Infiniti InTouch infotainment system, better dual monitor setup on the QX60. The top versions can be expected of the new quilted leather upholstery system, combined with exciting colors, contrasting stitching, high-quality wood trim and suede accents … high the luxury of the car.After the announcement of the “flesh-and-blood” Infiniti QX60 Monograph prototype, Nissan’s luxury brand said it plans to launch a new generation QX60 in 2021, modeled after 2022. Thus, New generation Infiniti QX60 will definitely be a “formidable” name in the three-row luxury SUV segment, which has strong competitors such as the Lexus RX L, a rumored new Acura MDX or new models. float as the Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy. QX60 2022 will continue to help Infiniti improve sales.Video: Detail of the Infiniti QX60 Monograph luxury SUV.


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