Identify 4 acts and tricks against election sabotage

As the election date for the 15th National Assembly (NA) and People’s Councils (People’s Councils) at all levels for the 2021-2026 term nears, hostile, reactionary, oppositional forces and political opportunities are stepping up the propaganda. propagate, distort, take advantage of the guise of democracy and human rights to oppose the election.

Lieutenant General To An Xo, Chief of Office of the Ministry of Public Security.

Lieutenant General To An Xo, Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security, Deputy Head of the Standing Sub-Committee, the Sub-Committee on Security and Order for Election of Deputies to the 15th National Assembly and People’s Council deputies at all levels for the 2021-2026 term gave information on a number of forms. , tricks against the State for readers to know and raise vigilance.

Firstly, the forces thoroughly take advantage of cyberspace to spread bad, toxic and fake information to propagate and distort the election, smear and discredit candidates; linking, enticing, training, guiding and training anti-election methods for reactionaries and bad elements in the country.

Second, some exiled, reactionary and bad elements in the country take advantage of the lack of information of some people, especially those with interests related to a number of disputes and lawsuits. , conflict, frustration… to incite not to vote, or even gather to cause insecurity and disorder at the polling place.

Third, some reactionary subjects, bad elements, do not meet the standards as prescribed, try to hide their background, polish their names, take advantage of citizens’ right to stand for election or self-nomination to find a way. infiltrate the government apparatus in order to sabotage it from within; when detected and prevented, they seek to slander and misrepresent authorities in violation of democracy and human rights, and call for a boycott of the election.

Fourth, there appears to be a phenomenon that some opposers take advantage of theocracy and doctrine to control and pressure a part of the masses not to participate in elections, not to exercise their rights and obligations through the vote. votes.

Lieutenant General To An Xo said that hostile forces, reactionaries and bad elements are increasingly conspiring, conducting fierce anti-sabotage activities, becoming more and more aggressive, reckless, and blatant in order to cause insecurity. election security.

Lieutenant General To An Xo asked the people to be very wary of conspiracies, methods and tricks against the election, taking advantage of the election to oppose the Party and State of the subjects. At the same time, people need to actively vote, fully exercise their mastery rights, participate in the construction of the State in general and representative agencies – state power agencies from the central to local levels in particular and to support and assist the police force in detecting and preventing all acts of law violation, anti-election, infringing upon security and order.

Before the plots, methods and tricks of the enemy, reactionaries and bad elements, Lieutenant General To An Xo said, The Ministry of Public Security has directed police units and localities to focus on grasping the situation, synchronously deploying forces, means and measures to detect, prevent and disable timely remotely, from early, from the grassroots, right at the beginning of all anti-corruption activities and plots.

Police officers and soldiers are absolutely not negligent, subjective, or off guard, even when security is maintained, social order and safety are ensured, security and work order are ensured. Election preparation has proactively repelled potential risks, conditions and factors that arise complicated problems of security and order.

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